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    Importance of Ethnic Culture Essay

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    There are many races in this earth some with more culture, morals, influence, and values than others. That still doesn”t change the fact that we all live in this earth together sharing what ever piece of land we live on. No matter what race we are — we are always influenced to believe in our roots.

    I am Hispanic, my roots are very strong because in my household I was tought that morals and values and the unity of family will always be part of your life when a family is born. It is important to me that the roots I was tought keep on for generations to come, maybe by influencing my future husband and children.

    The importance of unity in a household is very complex maybe because everyone has their ups and downs in life. One thing that is also very complex in the Hispanic culture is that most of the time the first language tought is Spanish and that can cause some controversy due to the fact that in the country I live in, the main language is English. Many times the culture you have flowing in your bloodstream can create problems like racism and the way you are judged by the color of your skin but that does not change the fact of who we are. Yes I can say that culture is very important to me because that is who I am that is what will stay with me for the rest of my life.

    Several people have changed the culture they were raised with — one big example in the king of pop Michael Jackson who changed his appearance to become a white person when he was born black. To do that is just disrespecting who your parents are and where you came from but in this world money is more important than any culture, race or background you come from. Culture means everything to me because without culture then what can we say about ourselves. Maybe that we are all the same but we are not all the same culture separates us , the way of thinking separates us and our expressions of what we believe in makes us who we really are. After all the creator of the earth made us all different in language, color of our skin, and the freedom of believing in anything we want.

    To me the meaning of my ethnic culture will always over power anything that comes in my way I know that in south Texas you don”t get a lot of racism but I know for a fact that if I ever suffer through that horrible feeling I will stand by to what I was thought and to what I believe in. Culture is a form of life, Hispanics take a big deal of influence in where they came from by choosing what career will make them stand out, by choosing where to live and by choosing what person we marry or date. Yes I know everyone has their different views in what we date what we marry or let me restate that who we marry or date but when you are living with that someone you tend to let your roots out and implement them in your daily life with your loved ones. Choosing a career can be difficult because you have to fight strongly to accomplish your goal, my culture influenced me to become a news broadcaster for a Spanish audience.

    Yes my language was one of the most important influences to become a news broadcaster because I find joy in speaking more than one language and I would love to continue using this language in my daily routine when I finish my career. It will be a tuff battle due to the fact that I come from south Texas where we don”t speak correct Spanish but spanglish. But I know when I become that south Texan Spanish reporter I will be known as a person that has fought for her culture and has stayed where her culture has no boundaries or limits. Like a famous rapper speaks in his song ” I am who ever you say I am if I wasn”t then why would I say I am” emminem that is my proof that I would never deny my roots, my culture and my morals, because that is who I am going to become a person that breaks barriers for their culture to open more doors for each other and to put up why where I cam from.

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