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    Illegal Immigration: A Modest Proposal Sample Essay

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    In today’s society. America is faced with the job of illegal in-migration. Every twenty-four hours more and more illegal immigrants are traversing into the United States from foreign states. Surround control from Mexico to the United States does non work. evidently. because there are non adequate Border Patrol agents to put at least half a mile apart from each other. Alternatively of happening a manner to forestall the immigrants from coming on over. the United States merely threw up a fencing ( like that will halt them! ) and set constabularies aka boundary line control on the roads that lead into the United States from Mexico. Border control is like birth control. if you do non care or make non implement it every twenty-four hours. so it will non work.

    When the illegal immigrants do acquire into the United States. they do non hold occupations so the authorities volitionally gives them free Health Care and does non do them pay revenue enhancements. Most illegals have better lives than natural born Americans. The United States authorities complains that the immigrants are a job yet clearly it is non work outing the job. Most immigrants do hold occupations in the United States when over half the legal population can non acquire occupations. “There are about 7. 7 million illegal foreigners employed in United States occupations in 2008 ( End illegal in-migration ) . ”

    To work out this job. we will necessitate to make two things. The first thing that we will necessitate to make is acquire the illegal immigrants out of the United States and back to their place land and do certain they stay at that place. To acquire them to go forth. we can hold Sheldon ( from the Television show The Big Bang Theory ) . a smart physicists. travel and put in bantam talkers in the walls of the illegal immigrants houses where they can non see them. He should cognize what he is making. right? After they are installed. at random times during the twenty-four hours person with a deep. Wyrd. strange. and chilling voice should come across the talkers and state “Get out of the United States and travel back to your place land or we will kill you and your household! ! ”

    After the illegal immigrants are back in their place lands. the 2nd thing we do is delve a atom. The atom should be a mile broad. and should stretch around the full United States boundary line. That manner. non even boats can drop people off. The atom will be full of alligators 18 pess long and the biggest phrinnas the United States can happen. Along with those chilling. flesh eating animate beings. there will be an electric daze machine that will strike hard you out for 12 yearss. The machines daze moving ridges will hold detectors on them that detect human flesh in the H2O. WE should post marks that warn you of everything that is in the atom. That should frighten people off from it! !

    Another maneuver to travel along with all of this is halting all incoming air traffic. If you leave this state by air plane. no affair where you are traveling. you better have a passport. If you do non hold one on you. there is no possible manner you would of all time be able to acquire on an aeroplane that comes back into the United States. Besides. there will be a machine that will be able to observe bogus passports. like the 1s that all these illegal immigrants come over here with. No passport and you are stuck in a foreign state everlastingly. I hope you can talk their linguistic communication.

    With all the illegal immigrants out of the United States. all legal Americans will hold more occupation chances and a better opportunity at good wellness services. There will be more houses and the economic system would be fixed if all illegal immigrants were non-existent in the United States. Our authorities would non hold to pass money on people who are non legal or natural born Americans. This would cut back on authorities disbursement on such things as medical measures. nutrient. apparels. etc. for non-tax paying people. Making all of this constructive work could be a spot of money. but in the long tally I do believe that it would be for the best for our state.

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