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    Illegal Immigrants and Crime

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    Illegal immigration seems to always find its way to the forefront of any political debate or election. The tolls that illegal immigration takes on the United States are simply astounding. As an American, I do not oppose immigration, but rather those immigrants who chose to come to the United States illegally. With these illegal immigrants comes crime; the first one being their illegal way of coming to America. As the years past, we Americans see more and more people die at the hands of illegal immigrants. Most of the time, these immigrants have already been deported numerous times and have also been flagged by the FBI and/or local law enforcement as potentially dangerous criminals.

    Most of the immigrants that enter the United States illegally, go on to commit another crime within their stay. They then get deported back to their original country, and sooner than later will end up right back in our home country to be deported yet again for another crime. The following cases involve illegal immigrants murdering everyday American citizens. One of these illegals had been deported back to his original country multiple times and then other was illegally in the U.S. and working under an alias in order to hide from the government.

    Jose Ines Garcia Zarate

    Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was a homeless convicted felon that came to the United States illegally. Zarate murdered Kate Steinle on San Francisco’s Pier 14 back in 2015. Zarate had been deported back to Mexico countless times. He was acquitted of manslaughter but faces federal charges for one count of a felon in possession of firearm and one count of an immigrant illegally in the United States, in possession of a firearm. Zarate plead not guilty to both of these allegations.

    How come the government did not recognize that Zarate had been deported several times? Illegal immigration is a serious and dangerous topic for the United States to be so free and lose at our borders. It should not take the death of an innocent American citizen for the United States to realize that there is a real problem at hand.

    Cristhian Bahena Rivera

    Cristhian Bahena Rivera was an illegal immigrant who resided in Montezuma, Iowa. He was charged for the murder of Mollie Tibbetts in 2018. Rivera was working at a local farm under an alias and had been since 2014. Rivera claims that he was running with her, and “blacked-out” during the time of the kidnapping and murder. Once he came to, he then realized what occurred and he took Mollie Tibbetts’ body and dumped it in a corn field and hid it with stalks. Later, Rivera would confess to officials and lead them to where her body was hidden. Rivera had not been deported before, but ICE officials lodged a federal immigration detainer for him after his arrest for Tibbetts murder. Rivera was in the United States illegally, working under a different name. He plead not guilty to the murder and waived his right to a speedy trial. His trial is set for April of 2019.

    In both cases we see that two innocent American lives were lost at the hands of illegal immigrants, one in which who had been deported numerous times. These two cases are only examples. There are many more similar cases that involve illegals killing everyday American citizens. Illegal immigration is a constant threat to Homeland Security. Our borders are too porous, especially America’s border with Mexico. If stricter immigration laws and more protection at our border had been in place, both murders might have never occurred. America needs to protect her own before reaching out and protecting others.

    In order to help alleviate crimes committed by illegal immigrants, the United States should tighten up all borders. Background checks should be necessary for any persons with a criminal history trying to enter the U.S. People who are moving to America should have a certain number of days in which they must pass background checks and gain their citizenship. If the immigrants have any form of criminal history, they should not be allowed to obtain any sort of weapon while living in the U.S. They should not receive any governmental benefits until they have held a job for a length of time. They should have to prove to the government that they are willing to work just as hard as regular American citizens. Immigrants should be held to a higher standard than what they are held to today.

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