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    ICT Educational Tour Narrative Report Essay

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    About the Tour Learning is not only gained in school but also from the exposure outside the school premises, according to the tour committee on its rationale. Through this, they convince us to join the tour, The B. S. Information Technology Educational Tour 2013 In Manila. With the effort of everybody especially the faculty It happened last December 2-5, 2013. The purpose of it is not just for self-satisfaction but for the improvement of one’s mind in terms of learning knowledge, actual experience both n IT and form good camaraderie between fourth and third year students.

    Furthermore, it let the students to have an actual observation on how the different technological Industries operate. Topics Learned As we visited different industries, somehow we learned from them. Like in TOTE Animation and Cutting Edge Productions, they taught us step by step processes on how to make an animation from lay outing to finishing . Although, there’s no multimedia subject in our curriculum but tallest they gave us an Idea on how it works. In Dalton in UP-Dilemma, we also benefited In the seminar In Android APS, sing Bunt an open source operating system and their students guided us to their different IT laboratories.

    Ma’am Christy told us the projects of their students focus in security problem to address, enterprise network and some information about AY or the Artificial Intelligence. Though, it is not already reach beyond my knowledge. Then on our third day, I learned from one of our tour how technology works in a factory. Imagine a fully automated and computer controlled manufacturing facility untouched by human hands. Industry Visited Our first destination Is the Magmata City Traffic Management System which Is coated at t TTY Hall.

    I Nils command control Ana communication center was started in 2007. At is composed of 8 big and 48 small monitor screens that is open 24/7. They have installed Acts in different streets and vicinity along Magmata. In addition, each camera has a 30 times zooming capacity and can capture objects within 800 through this; they can monitor accidents or the flow of traffic in Magmata. We’ve also tour around the Magmata City Hall itself including the conference room, Mayor’s Office and session hall etc. After this, we continued to Sir Boys Republic for our lunch.

    Exactly 2:31 pm, we are now in TOTE Animation located in Eastward. They are behind the famous anises like One Piece, Sailors, Digging and etc… This Company was started in 1986 and a 100% subsidiary Japan Animation and the first AD animation to use system. After TOTE Animation, our next stop was the Cutting Edge Productions. Just like TOE’, it is also an Animation company. Some of their works are Day, shampoo commercials and etc.. We’ve ended our day by eating our dinner at Star City. Eventually, after eating breakfast in Wendy, we proceeded to ABS-CB for studio our.

    The acronym stands for Auto Broadcasting Network-chronicle Broadcasting Network, one of the largest TV stations in the country. Then again eat our lunch at Sir Boys Republic. In the afternoon, we attended a seminar in UP-Dilemma Campus. After that, we transferred to Engineering Building to make rounds. We had seen their highly modernized library and IT laboratories. On the third day of our tour, we dropped by at Something’ Fishy at Eastward to take or breakfast. Then our instructors let us took a walk. After that, we continued to our next destination.

    The Gardenia Bakeries Phil which is located in Gardenia Centre, Star Avenue LIP, Mammalians Laguna. They gave us free sample of their products then we took our lunch in Takeaway City. Then, we continued our tour to Enchanted Kingdom. There we enjoyed the different rides and returned to Hotel happy and satisfied. According to our tour guide being a tourist in Metro Manila, we need to visit Intramural so we dropped by and took a long walk. After this, we ended to University of Stop. Atoms which is located in Span. Then for the last time, we returned to Sir Boys for our lunch. As follows, we proceeded to MOA, owned by Henry Sys.

    Some of the students met their relatives while others bought Absorbing and the rest took window shopping. And the saddest part was to say goodbye and we continued to our last bus stop, the NANA. Application on your Course After the tour, I have acquired new realizations, knowledge that I may use in my course. I can apply that self-realization in my motivation to pursue my degree. Though I can’t say that I can be an App developer or Animator someday but I was unable to realize the importance of technology, the possible Jobs,the importance of Ewing a skilled IT worker and many more.

    Therefore ,the educational tour is not only for the enhancement of theoretical learning but rather giving a student a complete idea of what the course may offer to his or her life and for the preparation in the future Job. Personal Experience Most of my first times happened during our tour. It may be terrifying or death- defying experiences but I don’t have any regrets in Joining the said tour. Although my aunt wasted a huge amount of money Just to send me to this tour. It’s okay at least we learned, we experienced and feel motivated.

    It’s my first time to ride in a plane. I feel a little bit of nervous at first because I have a fear in height but I’m happy that Eve conquered my fear. Then after going back to Manila it’s a De Java feeling. I was there not for any reason but to enjoy all the proceedings and being a tourist. It is a privilege because all you have to do was to eat, listen, learn, observe, unwind and sleep. I have been there a long time ago but it’s my first time to go to ABS-CB which is one of my dreams. Overnice, I have been an avid fan of Spinally Stars.

    Although I feel disappointed because I hadn’t seen y favorite stars but knowing that they also reside there it’s a pleasure to me. The Eastward City was also amazing because of its high structured buildings, it is also considered as one of the business center of Metro Manila. Opportunities can be seen anywhere since that there’s a lot of Jobs. They say there’s a lot of Job but the question is the skills of applicants. Eve realized that in order to succeed you need to strive hard ,be patient and the most important is study hard to acquired proper skills that may use in the future.

    Next first time is going to Takeaway City; it’s a relaxing ambiance with cool weather. After that was the Enchanted Kingdom experience. The fun really never stops. Aside from bonding with my classmates and friend it’s a full package experience. The ride on Space shuttle and ROI Grandee was all my first time and according to Christian if he will be given a chance he’ll go back there or shall I say we will if there’s a chance. On our last day, the Intramural and JUST experiences are also amazing. Intramural being one of the most important historical place and unique events in the country happened there.

    While JUST is also nice because of its lace which is awesome. Aside from the cute faces of their students, they are also kind and hospitable and they entertained and answered all our questions in mind. I’m so blessed and thankful that I was able to Join the tour. My deepest gratitude to the tour committee for their patience in asking for our balances and letting this to happened. And also to Sir Neck, our tour guide for guiding us during the tour. Though, he is not a certified teacher but he is more than that. He told a lot of trivia’s, knowledge about the place and he made us laugh.

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