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    hydrated salt Essay

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    Chemistry report : experiment 2 Analytical methods in determining the water content of a given hydrated salt. Objective : to determine the weight of water,h20 in a given hydrated salt using of analytical balance. Problem statement : 1. What it the weight of water in hydrated salt? 3. 2. do really water exist in a hydrated salt? Introduction : A hydrate salt is build of anions which is a known as negative ions(-), and cations which is known as positive ions (+), where it is surrounded by and also eakly bonded with water molecules.

    A fixed number of water molecules associated with each hydrate salt. It is known as waters of hydration or water of crystallization. If a salt bonded with water of hydration, we assume it as a hydrated salt or a hydrate. Apparatus : Bunsen burner, porcelain crucible and lid, crucible tongs, lighter, gloves, weighing machine, clay triangle, stop watch, desiccator, goggles, spatula. Chemicals : copper(ll) sulphate, water Procedure and diagram : 1. Get a porcelain crucible from the stockroom.

    Wash it with water thoroughly and heat it on a clay triangle for five minute to remove any surface moisture on the crucible. The heating process should be on a direct flame. use crucible tongs when handling hot crucibles. 2. Let it to get cool and dry. Weight the crucible with lid. Record the observation on a data sheet. Reweight it to get an average reading and record the weight. 3. Place 1. 5g of cus04. xh20 in the crucible and reweight the crucible with lid. Repeat the process for average reading.

    Record the observation on he data sheet. 4. Calculate the weight of the hydrate by subtracting (2) – (3). Record the mass of the hydrate on the data sheet. 5. Result : Triall Trial 2 Average Mass of crucible (g) Mass of crucible + CuS04. xH20 (g) Mass of CUS04. XH20 (g) Mass of crucible+ CuS04. xH20 (after heating) (g) Mass of water (g) Discussion : Hydrated salt have water molecules. handling. html Think tank: IQ The weight of water in the salt is 0. 535g. CuS04. xh20 Procedure!!!! Discussion!!!! Think tank!!!! = 159. 5+18X 1. mass of hydrated salt was heated to evaporate the water. Given that the mass of the hydrated salt is known. From our observation, findings showed the experimental percentage of water within the hydrated salt is 36. 95%. The experimental stoichiometric ratio between copper sulfate and water was found to be: 1 The formula for hydrated copper sulfate is: CuS04. 5H20 It can be conclude that water do really exist in the hydrated salt. Hydrated salt is bonded with water molecules. In 1 mole of CuS04 , 5 mole of water H20, is bonded.

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