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    Human Anatomy and Physiology for Beauty and Complementary Therapists

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    Human Anatomy & A ; Physiology for Beauty and Complementary Therapists

    Analyzing And Describing


    Effectss of Swedish Body Massage

    On The

    Major Systems Of The Body



    The Aims of Swedish Body Massage and the Body Systems Involved

    The Effects Swedish Body Massage Has on the Body Systems

    Lymphatic System

    Urinary System

    Cardiovascular System

    Respiratory System

    Muscular System

    Skeletal System

    The Benefits of Swedish Body Massage on the Body




    My Name is Sheryn McDermott and I am analyzing HNC Beauty Therapy at Forth Valley College. As portion of my Human Anatomy & A ; Physiology for Beauty and Complementary Therapists units, I am required to compose a study where I must analyze and depict the effects of a selected therapy on the major systems of the organic structure. In the study I must:

    • Research and depict the purpose of a selected therapy on one or more systems of the organic structure
    • Research and discourse the grounds that explains the consequence of your chosen therapy on the construction or map of the organic structure systems
    • Research the benefits of my chosen therapy on the organic structure and Discuss any grounds available

    The appraisal must be presented as a study and have no less than 1500 words and no more than 2000 which I will include a word count. I must cite utilizing the Harvard referencing system and citation at least 5 different mentions. The study must be in my ain words and I must utilize grounds based research to back up my treatment. Any diagrams I use will hold a rubric and be clearly labelled.

    The therapy that I have chosen to make my study on is Swedish Body Massage.

    The Aims of Swedish Body Massage and the Body Systems Involved

    The purposes of Swedish organic structure massage can differ from individual to individual depending on what they want to acquire from it. A client could desire to loosen up, cut down emotional and physical emphasis, relieve tenseness and achings, increase their well-being, experience invigorated, detox, increase circulation and better assorted organic structure maps. There are so many things that organic structure massage can make and as a healer, it is my responsibility to cognize the effects that the massage will hold on the organic structure and how I will be able to accomplish the clients purposes.

    As a healer my purposes could be to:

    • Increase blood circulation and better map
    • Increase lymphatic drainage and better map
    • Lower blood force per unit area
    • Relieve tenseness in musculuss, loosen uping them and better their status
    • Improve tegument status
    • Stimulate or loosen up the nervous system
    • Help cut down adipose tissue
    • Keep articulations supple
    • Aid digestion

    Massage affects all the organic structure systems in a positive manner ( for those who are non contra-indicated ) . Some of the major systems affected are the:

    • Urinary system
    • Lymphatic system
    • Cardiovascular system
    • Muscular system
    • Skeletal system
    • Respiratory system

    The Effects Swedish Body Massage Has on the Body Systems

    Lymphatic System

    As healers massage in the same way as the lymph flow, towards the nearest lymph node, the velocity of the lymphatic flow is increased due to the force of the custodies. The force per unit area that is applied during massage helps with reassigning fluids from the tissue, into the lymphatic vass which will run out the fluid off more rapidly. This helps to forestall or cut down hydrops in the tissues

    Interstitial fluid contains waste merchandises from cells, these waste merchandises are diffused through lymphatic vas walls during massage and this allows the organic structure to take waste merchandises quicker. Pathogens and bugs can be found in the blood, which the lymphatic system filters and cleans to destruct them. Massage can increase the efficiency of the lymph nodes and spleen which can increase the body’s immune system. ( Jane Hiscock, 2010 ) wrote: ‘Biochemical healing takes topographic point non merely by relieving anxiousness but besides exciting the production of antibodies, particularly immunoglobulin, so heightening the immune system.’

    Urinary System

    Massage is really stimulating to the organic structure systems which releases toxins that are built up in the organic structure and help their remotion. The toxins travel in the blood to the kidneys where they are filtered and flushed out in the piss. After a massage it is recommended to the client to imbibe tonss of H2O to better this procedure. An addition in fluids additions blood volume which increases the blood force per unit area and besides increases the efficiency of the kidneys, therefore increasing the demand to go through diluted piss to take down the blood volume and blood force per unit area.

    Cardiovascular System

    Pressure on the tegument ( even slight ) can empty the superficial capillaries and venulas near the surface of the tegument. Light, superficial effleurage can impact the flow of blood and assist the work of the bosom. Massage enhances blood flow in the venas which carry off waste merchandises, toxins and C dioxide expeditiously, and rapidly returns to the blood watercourse. As the blood flow is increased, so is the supply of O and foods to the cells and tissues. ( Rosser, 2012 ) ‘It speeds up the flow of blood through the venas. Veins lie superficially ( nearer the surface than arterias ) . As the custodies move over the portion in the way of venous return, the blood is pushed along in the venas towards the bosom. The deeper and faster the motions, the greater the flow. This venous blood carries off metabolic waste merchandises more quickly.’

    Gentle stroking produces a contraction of the walls of the capillaries in the tegument which has a chilling consequence on the organic structure. Dilation of the blood vass helps them to work more expeditiously. Blood force per unit area temporarily decreases due to relaxation and by reduced stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. Red blood cells, white blood cells and thrombocytes increase in figure in the blood.

    Respiratory System

    As massage is really stimulating to the organic structure and increases circulation, respiration is besides increased to feed these stimulated countries with O. Breathing rate and deepness is increased to counterbalance this. The status of the lungs can be improved as the articulations of the thorax will be mobilised which will assist to beef up and better the tone of the respiratory musculuss.

    Percussion and tapotement massage motions will straight impact lung tissue by increasing circulation to the assorted portion of the lungs such as the bronchioles and air sac. If there is any mucous secretion or foreign atoms in the lungs, these can be dislodged when utilizing percussion motions. ( Audry Githa Goldberg, 1996 ) wrote: ’Such uses as percussion will hold a direct consequence on the lung tissue. Not merely will the circulation to the bronchioles be improved, therefore feeding the tissues and assisting to keep snap, but any mucous secretion or foreign atoms, if present, can be dislodged with such manipulations’.Gaseous exchange is besides increased in the lungs which will better the public presentation of the lungs by fring the organic structure of C dioxide and refilling it with O.

    Muscular System

    When musculuss work they require a greater supply of O and foods and as a consequence, more waste merchandises are produced. After exerting when the musculuss are resting the waste merchandises can construct up and consequence in stiffness. Massaging the musculuss AIDSs remotion of the waste merchandises by supplying a fresh supply of blood and foods. ( O’Keefe, 2006 ) wrote: ‘Massage will alleviate muscular weariness by taking the lactic acids that build up in the tissues.’

    Some musculus tone can be improved and maintained and with that, snap and flexibleness is increased which can assist better some postural mistakes. Tense and short musculuss can be relaxed and stretched and over-stretched, loose musculuss can be strengthened. Tapotement causes musculuss to spread out and contract. Muscles are besides warmed which helps to alleviate tenseness and hurting. Muscles work over articulations and if there are adhesions in the joint so the full scope of motion will be prevented. Massaging the joint utilizing clashs will assist loosen and let go of these adhesions. This will let the joint to derive mobility in the joint, more motion in the musculuss and hence increase the scope of motion.

    Skeletal System

    Pressure against the periosteum ( the sheath of connective tissue that surrounds all castanetss except those at articulations ) stimulates the blood circulation which will feed and nourish castanetss and besides the articulations near by. ( O’Keefe, 2006 ) wrote: ‘When massage is applied to castanetss, it does non hold any direct consequence. What does go on is that because of increased blood circulation the castanetss are fed fresh O and waste merchandises are absorbed more quickly.’ Massage in and around articulations can assist to forestall and loosen adhesion which will assist call up articulations and better their scope.

    Image 8 Skeletal System

    The Benefits of Swedish Body Massage on the Body

    There are infinite benefits of having massage that will profit the organic structure straight and indirectly.

    • Skin is moisturised, nourished and desquamated, marking can be reduced due to the increased stimulation and blood flow which will increase the skin status overall. Greasy secretory organs are stimulated leting the tegument to go more greased and supple.
    • Muscles fibers can loosen up to extinguish sets of tenseness. Muscle tone and public presentation is improved and hurting and tenseness relieved. Allows weakened musculuss to be more readily used after a period of neglect. Relieves tenseness concerns.
    • Lymph is stimulated promoting a healthier immune system and remotion of waste and toxins. Oedema in countries can be reduced supplying there is no contra-indicated medical status.
    • Depending on the type of massage, the nervous system can be relaxed or stimulated.
    • Circulation is improved which increases the blood flow to all parts of the organic structure conveying foods and O and taking waste. This promotes mending and the regeneration of cells.
    • Blood force per unit area and bosom rate is slowed down during a restful massage and if done on a regular basis, has a cumulative consequence to profit clients with blood force per unit area jobs.
    • Increased urinary end product will assist to acquire rid of toxins in the organic structure that have been released during massage and is great as portion of a detox.
    • Peoples with stiff articulations or low scope of mobility will profit from massage in and around the articulations to alleviate any adhesions and increase the mobility of the joint.
    • Massage over the abdominal country can assist help digestion by promoting vermiculation and speeds up the digestive procedure. Massage can assist those with irregularity.
    • Adipose tissue could be affected as the tissue is warmed which accelerates the chemical activity needed to scatter the fat. The force per unit area used softens the fat which allows it to be more easy absorbed.
    • Respiratory piece of land can profit as it will go relaxed, allows mucous secretion to be dispersed and dislodged and increases the gaseous exchange which allows more O into the organic structure and more C dioxide to go forth. Breathing decently can assist forestall lung infections, promote good position and AIDSs relaxation.
    • There are many psychological benefits to rub down excessively. The client can loosen up, leting the head to go still and unagitated. Emotional emphasis can be dispersed or even bury about during massage and a general wellbeing can be achieved. Self-esteem, slumber forms and concentration can be improved.


    During this study and unit I have learned in-depth cognition about the human anatomy and some of the major organic structure systems. I researched how Swedish Body Massage would impact these organic structure systems and I am now confident in my cognition of the effects and benefits on the organic structure. I will be able to utilize this cognition to my advantage when I am handling clients, enabling me to rede them on how massage could profit them and guarantee the intervention reaches their aims. I feel it is of import to cognize precisely how the motions, techniques and uses used during massage will impact the organic structure.


    Audry Githa Goldberg, L. M. ( 1996 ) .Body Massage For The Beauty Therapist( 3rd ed. ) . Cornwall: Elsevier.

    Jane Hiscock, E. S. ( 2010 ) .Beauty therapy Level 3( 2nd ed. ) . Barcelona, Spain: Pearson Education Limited.

    O’Keefe, A. ( 2006 ) .The Official Guide to Body Massage( 2nd ed. ) . London: Thomson Learning.

    Rosser, M. ( 2012 ) .Body Massage( 3rd ed. ) . Italy: Hodder Education.

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