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    program or a Sony Playstation game without having to spend any money on it? Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it. Well its not. In fact, it is almost easier than going to the store and buying them. Every year software companies spend millions of dollars on CD-Keys, Lock-Out Codes, and Serial Numbering, Only to have them cracked by hackers shortly after the release of the program. Why do they waste their time? Copyright protection just doesn’t work. When it comes to free software programs, the Internet is your best resource.

    Many sites called warez-sites offer everything from application software to the latest 3D games. Theses sites are mostly run by hackers, and for the price clicking your mouse on the right link, you can save thousands of dollars. I remember the first time I visited a warez site. I felt somewhat like a kid in a candy store. I couldn’t believe all that stuff was free.

    I remember saying to myself ” don’t the software manufactures know this is going on? How can they be allowed to post this stuff without getting in trouble? Well it’s very simple really. The sites list a disclaimer which you must agree too before you can view any files, which by the way are only supposed to be used for educational purposes. How many people do you suppose follow this advice?After you’ve downloaded your free program and want to install it on your computer, You’ll need to get by the CD-Key or serial number protection. That is if it hasn’t already been done for you. If it hasn’t, no problem.

    Many sites offer CD-Key and serial archives for you to choose from. There are even programs that will generate CD-key numbers for you. My favorite all time CD-key glitch is brought to you by Microsoft themselves. Simply enter all ones when installing Microsoft Money or Golf and sit back and laugh. Who are these guys kidding?If I had to give an award for the best attempt at copyrighting, it would go to Sony for their Playstation game system.

    Although their software is a little harder to pirate, it still gets the inevitable thumbs down in the end. Copying Playstation games is just as easy as copying computer software, the secret lies in the disks themselves. Sony found a way to create bad tracks on their CD’s and then programmed the game console to only recognize CD’s with bad tracks. Pretty slick I thought, however this problem was fixed with a twelve-dollar chip I purchased from the Internet, and soldered to the Playstation motherboard. Now instead of buying games for sixty to seventy dollars, I rent them at Blockbuster video for five dollars, make a copy, and sit back and enjoy. Nice try Sony!All in all people are sick and tired of paying outrageous prices for software, and the higher the price of the software the more likely your chances will be of finding it free somewhere.

    If the software companies spent less money trying to keep us out, they could sell their products at a much lower cost to the consumer. Maybe people would actually buy it instead of pirating it. But I guess they will never learn

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