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    How to Write a Process Analysis Essay

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    What is process analysis essay

    Project analysis involves a procedural evaluation of a project plan. Process analysis essay puts an explanation of how things are done within the project plan in a defined sequence of steps, from the first to the very last of the steps. You could be writing about soccer, about food, about cooking among other topics.

    As evidenced by the nature of the essay topics, one is required clearly outline the steps to deliver the concept in full. As a writer of this essay, you need to familiarize yourself with the topic or the project plan before you can successfully come up with a sound analysis of the project in question.

    Below is a clear outline of how to come up with an A+ process analysis essay:

    Understand the Topic

    Know exactly what you are writing about. This essay, unlike the argumentative essay, is all about facts. Ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the topic before you set out to do anything. Do not be in a rush to finish the essay before you ever develop a proper starting. Conduct research on the topic to fully determine what you are going to write about. Some students miss out this idea from the very beginning and end up writing completely outside the topic.

    Conduct Research

    After determining the dimensions of your topic, you need to delve deeper into the details of the topic. Get into the intense sourcing of ideas to enrich yourself with the content you require. Learn about the steps by step procedures of the process you are writing about and the details of each project. Process analysis essay has no waffling. You need thorough knowledge on the topic and write strictly to the point. Put down all the points you find useful during your research. Finally, consolidate your findings into a sensible flow of ideas. Ensure you have all the steps well-formed for the entire process.

    Draw a plan

    Come up with a plan on how you are going to present your ideas. Assemble all your ideas and allocate them accordingly for each section. Determine what you are going to talk about in the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. This is quite important before you do any writing. Some students find themselves in the middle of nowhere because they simply started off without having a sound plan and they would be prompted to start all over again. This can be quite a time to consume and frustrate.

    Plan your time

    Planning your time is critical especially when writing under a provided time limit. This could be during an examination or simply an essay whose submission is due at a specified time. Allocate your time appropriately from the introduction to the conclusion.  Do not forget to allocate time for revision after writing. This is quite crucial if you have to present an accurate piece of writing.


    Just like many regular essay types, process analysis essay has an ideal structure that should be adhered whenever one is writing. The composition of this structure includes the introduction, the body and the conclusion in that order.

    The introduction briefly broaches the idea of making clear the topic and citing its relevance. Some kind of laying the ground for a detailed presentation of ideas in the main body. This should be brief but equally comprehensive. The idea should be quickly spotted by the reader.

    The body outlines all the tools and equipment, and resources necessary to complete the process. For example, as a writer, you should outline where to source the relevant tools and resources. Point out the potential risks and safety precautions that should be considered during the entire process. Include all the general information that should be made known regarding the entire project.

    The conclusion should put forward a step by step approach to accomplish the project. Explain clearly each step within the project in sequential order. Make good use of the transitional words, varying them as much as there are to avoid boring repetitions.

    The Outline

    Come up with an outline of what exactly need be done under each section of your essay:


    • Introduce the topic and briefly state what the process seeks to achieve. This constitutes the thesis statement around which the rest of the essay revolves.
    • Briefly elaborate on the relevance of the of the project
    • Cite real-world examples demonstrating the earlier outcome of the same process

    The Body

    • The body should be presented in a sequence of paragraphs. Each paragraph should carry a separate idea. These could be a sequence of steps with a detailed explanation for every step or procedure.
    • Make use of appropriate transitions with each step. Transitions should carry the tone of finality for each step.
    • Give a detailed description of the process. Indicate all the requirements including the dos and don’ts, citing the necessary precautions in the entire process. You need be as informative as possible.


    In conclusion, you need to provide a summary of the procedure. It should be a quick pointer to the entire process. Do not delve into the details of the procedure since it’s already well outlined in the body segment. Only point out the main points in the procedure. Point out the expected results and finally reaffirm your thesis statement.

    Review your work

    Do not submit your work without thorough revision. This helps to minimize mistakes on grammar, spellings, and punctuation. A lot of these mistakes may have dire consequences on your performance if left unchecked.

    Important points to Consider

    Below are a few important tips that you should pay attention to when writing a project analysis essay:

    Make use of proper language and vocabulary

    Do not use a huge chunk of complex and technical terms. Your language should be simple and to the point. Remember the reader must be able to carry out the process practically step by step without losing themselves into a maze of incomprehensible expressions. Elaborate further on all the technical terms used to boost the clarity and simplicity of your essay.

    Provide some sense of direction to the reader

    Expressions like “Once that is done” and “Wait until” among others are used to give the reader a sense of direction. Do not complicate your process with a series of direction for you to keep up with clarity. Only use these words under circumstances of absolute necessity. A few well distinguished directions will be more informative than a whole block of complex directions.

    Chronological progression

    For example, if you are writing about the procedure of setting up a business, each step should be presented in chronological order, indicating all the basic requirements at each step from obtaining a legal permit to setting up a business unit. Do not leave out the additional information that you find essential. This will make your essay as detailed and as comprehensive as possible.

    Final Word

    The above tips will sure take you a long way to improving your skills on process analysis. It becomes even easier when you have the opportunity to choose a topic yourself. However, regardless of everything the skills on essay writing come with extensive reading and constant practice. All the best with your adventure with the project analysis essay. Do not sweat it. There is a vast amount of aid we can provide whenever you need.

    This essay was written by a fellow student. You may use it as a guide or sample for writing your own paper, but remember to cite it correctly. Don’t submit it as your own as it will be considered plagiarism.

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