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    How to End an Essay

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    How to close the discussion without closing it or how to end an essay?

    An essay is the most interesting genre for students and pupils. This is mainly due to the fact that such work doesn’t have clear boundaries and you can fully surrender to the flight of your imagination. But still, as in any other text, there should be a structure, and the essay should consist of an introduction, main part and, in the end, summing up. The writing of the essay conclusion often causes difficulties for young authors.

    The key to getting a brilliant evaluation of an essay may lie in its victorious ending. That is why the conclusion is so important. The last part should summarize everything you wrote about in the essay. In addition, it must end elegantly and boldly. This guide will give you the step-by-step example of how to get your essay into the top ten with a first-class ending.

    The best ways of ending up the essay

    There are many approaches to finish up your essay in the best manner. In our article, we offer you some methods that will be useful while accomplishing different types of academic papers.

    • How to end a narrative essay

    While finishing the narrative essay, re-read your paper and try briefly and concisely express the main idea that you are trying to convey to your readers. Consistently, express the results you have summarized, remind the main aspects of the problem you are studying. In addition, the use of this technique will help you to understand your composition better, work out a certain consistency of the text, emphasize the main point with a quote.

    • How to end a descriptive essay

    As your essay is devoted to a description of something, it can be considered as a thesis to your text. Start your story with a certain statement, introducing your readers to the course of your thoughts, and in conclusion, you can submit the first, main idea of your essay again. This is a very good trick because after reading the text, the understanding of the main phrase can be quite different, and even opposite. You may finish your text with a question as well.

    • Conclusion example for assignment

    The conclusion of your assignment can be finished with a bang, a punch or the piece of “publicism.” The “publicism” of the essay also involves communication with the reader. At the end of the essay, you can invite your readers to discuss the topic with you by asking rhetorical questions or calling for action, which will certainly interest the reader and make him/her think after reading.

    • How to write a conclusion for an analytical essay

    Reasoning about the future is an aspect that is often used when you conclude the analytical writing. The essay is not an analytical genre, as its main characteristic is journalism. Philosophical arguments on the subject of the problem under consideration sometimes take up the lion’s share of the work. Looking ahead, wondering the development of this problem in the future will be a very accurate conclusion of your text.

    Take a look of how to finish the research paper and project below:

    1. For a comparative essay

    Trying to write a conclusion for a comparative essay, you should not simply state the thesis presented at the beginning. After reading the essay, the opinion about the problem can be changed dramatically, but to do this, you need to help your readers to reach a higher level, end with a phrase that will definitely make reader conclude certain points.

    1. For a research paper

    It’s inappropriate to finish the text with a quote. For a research paper, reasons and statements of well-known authors and figures can and should be used in the main part, but you should only submit your conclusions to the reader, showing what you have come to after analyzing this problem and new information will not be the best words to conclude an essay.

    1. For a project

    Use fewer pretentious and highly intelligent words for a project. Your project should conclude with a bang, and after reading it, your reader should be as pleasant as after reading a favorite book or watching a comedy film.

    The best recommendation of how to conclude your essay

    While working on the essay, many overlook the curiosity of the readers and reduce the conclusion to a boring enumeration of what has already been said in other parts of the writing. At the same time, even not too strong work with a graceful ending will have the desired effect on the reader. How to conclude an essay to get the highest grade? With a question? With a punch? It depends on what is your paper about:

    • About yourself

    During writing the essay about yourself, we recommend you to write down the main ideas of each paragraph or subsection. Go over them with your eyes and leave only those that you consider the most significant for your writing. By offering the reader the conclusions for each small piece of text, you’ll just make the work lengthy.

    • About someone

    Think about how to conclude and not to repeat what was said in the introduction and the main part of the essay about someone. Perhaps you’ll rephrase the information or present the facts in a slightly different position. If you find it difficult to formulate the first thought, start with any template phrase that will focus the reader’s attention on the finale of your work. For example, you can start conclusion paragraph examples with: “Summing up …”, “Thus …”.

    • About slavery

    To conclude the essay about slavery, it’s recommended to submit such information that is relevant in society now, so it will be more convenient for the reader to understand and accept your opinion.

    • About feminism

    You should work hard on the last sentences about feminism essay because they should sound very expressive and effective. Perhaps, you will touch upon some feelings of the readers, call them to a specific action, make smile with an ironic phrase, or surprise with the concluded statement.

    • About technology

    A graceful expression must be in harmony with all the work. Otherwise, it will look pretentious and will give the reader impression that you are tasteless. The essay about technology should close the discussion without closing it.

     Irreplaceable tips you need to know about:

    1. Tie the beginning and end by writing a conclusion.
    2. Use a variety of words in the essay. As a rule, teachers respect students who use extensive lexicon in their conclusions.
    3. Don’t repeat what you have written in the main part of the essay.
    4. After completing the essay, be sure to review it. Check grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
    5. Include a thesis in conclusion. This will show that you stick to the topic and want to summarize it.
    6. Summarize the content of your essay to get a good grade.
    7. Make a brief conclusion.
    8. Be original!

    In your final part, you need to summarize everything that was mentioned in your essay. In addition, it should be quite challenging and resemble a verbal stroke. With a little work, you can decorate your essay with a wonderful ending, like a cake is decorated with a cherry.

    This essay was written by a fellow student. You may use it as a guide or sample for writing your own paper, but remember to cite it correctly. Don’t submit it as your own as it will be considered plagiarism.

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