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    How and Why are Latinos Becoming a Powerful Group in American Politics? Essay

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    How and why are Latinos becoming a powerful group in America Politics? The vice president Joe Biden calls the Hispanics powerful force in America politics Hispanic, Latinos has become a bigger group since 2011, the number has increase a lot. A high number but Hispanic has made big changes in America, help out in some ways. Where fighting for the dream act and know there giving us a chance to have a job and a license.

    Latinos are coming to the United States for more opportunities and have another life. But Latinos are being part of America by having a lot of population. They come by immigration or by Latinas moms having a lot of kids that’s how Latinos are growing in the United StatesThe census Bureau says the 52 million Hispanic in this country are accounted for 6. 7% of the nation’s populations in 2011 and the pew reason center has predicted hardly a third of the U.

    S population. Latinos are growing even more they say we become a higher name seen 2011 know there’s more; Joe is surprise with the amount is in America. If had to be emotional, fill all of you with the pride how the first day those dreamers were eligible to apply for deferred action thousands line up after block after block Biden said. People is trying to get dream act but some of the can’t apply for it, know they could get there license and there permission to work on the U.

    S . everyone in this room, maybe more than anyone in the country understands we’ve got a lot more to do, and we will not rest in this administration until we find a permanent path. Joe Biden gave some good speech, they’re going to be more Hispanic voting in America and that’s something good. there are good and bad for Hispanic are becoming a large group in a few years where going to be more His. . e Mexicans and Puerto Ricans.

    It’s no surprise that states with larger Latino population have larger number of unemployed latinos within states, Latinos are more likely to move within a county indicating they are more likely to move for employment opportunities. In conclusion, Latinos are getting famous in the United States and they are being involved in America politics. Having some many people in the United States like Latinos is having a cause and effect. But Latinos are taking over of most jobs and Americans don’t like it because Latinos have a lot of population. In the United States we have so many Latinos because of immigration and Latinas mom having more than 3 kids for each couple.

    That’s how we becoming a large population and making a big impact in the United States. After 2050 Latinos are going to be the majority of any other race in the United States.

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