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    Honesty and Justice in the Criminal Justice System Essay

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    Honesty and Justice are words that describe unity and character of an person. “The word Honesty. by its virtuousness. describes an person or an entity that doesn’t prevarication. darnel. bargain. or maltreatment to acquire in front for personal or professional gain” ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. freeessays123. com/essay24727/honesty-versus-justice-and-due-process-versus-crime-control. hypertext markup language ) . When an person is honest. they stand for what is right and look for a positive result. “Justice is the entity that we depend on as a state and a community. to separate between right and incorrect. good and evil. legal and illegal” ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. freeessays123. com/essay24727/honesty-versus-justice-and-due-process-versus-crime-control. hypertext markup language ) . Justice is what we depend on to maintain us safe from injury to populate a better life. In the condemnable justness system. there are many ethical issues involved in honestness and justness. Sometimes justness isn’t so honorable and persons make certain determinations that are non ethical. which causes issues and jobs for many people.

    For illustration. attorneies lie or stretch the truth many times to plea their defendants’ instances by airting the focal point point on what the prosecution is seeking to turn out. The ground for the attorney prevarication is non to ache person else. instead to seek to assist their suspect non travel to imprison. I do non hold that this is right because I believe the suspect should pay for the offense they committed. This is where justness and moralss should be presented for the complainant. This can be defined as “pursuing the client’s rights. but non the client’s involvements. if those involvements are incompatible with the “truth” ( hypertext transfer protocol: //litigation-essentials. lexisnexis. com/webcd/appaction=DocumentDispla Y & A ; crawlid=1 & A ; doctype=cite & A ; docid=27+Hofstra+L. +Rev. +13 & A ; srctype=smi & A ; srcid=3B15 & A ; key=194a3f1cb6096596bc374c883c6c206c ) .

    “Integrity and Honesty Integrity can be defined as “an uncompromising attachment to a codification of moral. artistic or other values. arrant earnestness. honestness and fairness. turning away of misrepresentation. expedience. artificiality or superficiality of any kind” ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. cheathouse. com/essay/importance-integrity-and-honesty-criminal-justice-field # ixzz0jcuzLMOj ) . This fundamentally means to make what is right at all times irrespective of who is watching. We can non guarantee that all persons in the legal system will utilize unity and moral values when making their occupations. but our legal system educates and trains these people to establish their work moralss on this type of system.

    I believe that every instance is different and we can non guarantee that honestness is maintained and still make justness. For illustration. every constabulary officer is different and you have those that lie to assist catch felons and those bad bulls that prevarication and utilize their authorization in a negative mode. There will be police officers who go undercover and sell drugs to catch large clip drug traders. and hence this type of prevarication is positive because it is for the good of our streets. It is best to be in the state of affairs up near and personal because you can see how the wrongdoers operate and it is easier to catch them.

    Then you have those officers who use their authorization is a negative mode and they do non utilize moralss in the determinations they make. These sorts of bulls are the ground as to why all constabulary officers do non hold the best name. It is difficult to swear all of them. when they are supposed to be the people who are to protect us.

    I do non believe that justness can be accomplished while keeping honestness because you must believe like a felon in order to catch a condemnable. Criminals will believe of every manner to perpetrate a offense and acquire off with it. so the constabulary must be on top of this province of head to be able to construct a instance and grok these felons.

    Coming up with effectual schemes to contend offense has ever been a argument.

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