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    History Of The Industrialised Building System Construction Essay

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    Steel bordering building is classified as one of the Industrialised Building System. However, Industrialised Building System ( IBS ) is common in building industry in Malaysia. Steel framing is going more common in residential building. The usage of steel for bordering residential building has both advantages and disadvantages. Steel frame elements are manufactured in the mill and so will be transported to a occupation site for installing once it passed the review on it choice criterion. This method has its ain significance and deficit. Construction site take really high attending on the safety facet particularly when the building is running. Safety is an issue that has no terminal and every twelvemonth will hold accidents occurred on building site. However, it can be lead to accidence that may do injured or dead to worker or public.

    Steel bordering building besides holding their ain hazard and jeopardy in its building procedure during the installing constituent although it was convenient to put in. For illustration steel column base home bases are a cardinal constituent of a steel construction. Poor base home base installing can take to steel columns tipping over, which can do terrible hurts or decease to worker in the country. The experiences contractor on steel bordering installing knows there are processs required to draw off a high degree of quality, client satisfaction and most of import safety. To do installing run swimmingly it is the best to hold experienced worker or else hold a good safety and wellness direction to steer and command the workers to follow with the safety regulations. By the manner, the major job was hapless attitude of the worker and hapless direction system.

    Aim and Aims

    The overall aim for this proposal is to look into and measure the safety aspects in steel framing building.

    The specific aims of this survey are as follows:

    1. To analyze the procedure of installing steel bordering constituent.

    2. To place the safety facet and the demand during the installing procedure steel bordering constituent at site.

    3. To place the degree of safety during installing procedure at site.

    Problem Statement

    The Industrialised Building System ( IBS ) is non a new attack in Malaysia. It has been introduced in Malaysia since 1966. However, the most steel bordering building accidents occur because the developer or contractor deficiency of proper planning or utilizing the insecure equipments and do non follow the correct method when installing. Apart from this, insecure site status, non utilizing the safety equipment that was provided, and hapless attitude of workers toward safety during installing procedure besides the issues that causes accident. Therefore, it indicated that there is deficiency of consideration of safety and hazard rating in IBS building.

    Based on the information from Social Security Organization ( SOCSO ) , Malaysia recorded a distressing addition in the Numberss of accident happening at building site. It shows that a sum of 4654 out of 73858 industrial accidents recorded in 2003 were come from the building industry. ( Mohammed Taher Alashwal, 2008 ) . But it different if used steel bordering system, the statistic from CIDB shows the accidents are 50 % from heavy lifting, 20 % installing, 10 % other factor, and other 10 % from during transit constituent to storage accidents.

    Scope of survey

    The range of this survey is focussed on safety facets on installing of Industrialised Building System ( IBS ) which specific in steel framing building. This survey is to place the safety facet during the steel bordering building at the installing phase. The information will be collected from observation, interviews, internet resources, diary and some of the paperss.

    1. This survey covers Industrialised Building System specific in steel framing.

    2. This survey identifies the safety demands within the installing phase of steel bordering building.

    3. Information will be collected at Kuala Lumpur and Selangor country.



    In this research proposal, interviewed is to be conducted with the contractor which are utilizing steel framing system for their undertaking or any other relevant place of staff within building site to acquire the information. 4 to 5 interview inquiry will be set which related to my research aim there are to place the safety facet and demand during the installing procedure of steel bordering constituent at site and to place the degree of safety during installing procedure at site. After that, I will make an sum-up based on the information that I collect from the respondent. Face to confront interview will be conducted and several inquiries will be asked and the reply will be recorded down. Face to confront interview is chosen because it was really convenient for the respondent and interviewee to discourse and different day of the month aggregation techniques can be used for illustration open-ended inquiries and ocular AIDSs can better the apprehension of interviewee.

    Desktop based reappraisal

    To better my apprehension and experience to make future thesis, I will utilizing desktop based reappraisal as my secondary informations aggregation techniques which reading through the articles, diary documents, conference documents, books and web sites shoping related to my rubric. Through this method I can hold better apprehension on the procedure of installing steel bordering constituent before I go to the building site visit to make observation. So when I go to the site visit, I can straight travel to the point of the installing procedure and can easy understand the information given by the respondent to acquire the good thought to compose my research. Review of old research and book done by other people besides make me more familiar with the right manner to make research in this subject and besides increase the truth.


    Besides, observation will as my one of the method to roll up informations to place the degree of safety during installing procedure at site. Besides, I besides will detect on the procedure of installing steel bordering constituent to carry through my nonsubjective. I will do assignment with the contractor which utilizing steel bordering system to hold a site visit at his building site to detect the traveling of undertaking particular in installing procedure of steel bordering system. I besides will take a mention on the ballad out programs for steel frame constituent, steel frame installing usher, and other communications which provide by contractor.

    The of import of survey

    Through this research, the contractor which particular on steel bordering building can utilize this as a usher for them to reexamine their safety demand when installing of the steel bordering constituent to cut down the rate of accident of building work in Malaysia.

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