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    Heavenly Appeals – David Lisbe Essay

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    In his video “Heavenly Appeals “ David Lisbe represent a good demon who is appealing his sentence of eternity in hell. Lisbe trough this video remained us that nobody should do the job of god. According to his video we clearly see that the day will come when all of us will be in front of heaven judge and we have to be careful how we spend the days of our life. The three major points are that you are not the one that can judge , that everybody can get a wings and that what goes around turns around. First of all the angel did the worse mistake when he wanted to judge the demon about his life.

    The meaning of this is that all of can live the life on way how we choose and nobody could change it. On other hand this means that we have to be careful what we are ding while we live. Doing good things constantly , being nice with the others will help you on the judgment day. Every human know that by doing good things you are making your karma works for y doing good things you are making your karma works for your luck better. Helping people make you better person and impress others with good behavior.

    Doing this constantly will build you as one good person that everybody will love and everybody will be here for you as well any time you need help. If all of us fallow this meaning of helping each others, nobody will be hurt and we would have one wonderful life for leaving. Next what Lisbe wants to tell is the you never know what can happened to you tomorrow. Many of us while they have a good moments forget about the day tomorrow. They forget about the people around and stop wondering of them if somebody needs a help.

    They forget for others because it is very nice when person is happy and don’t need to think about what going to be tomorrow. Once they are happy don’t need help and starting being selfish which is very bad for the moment when that person will need real friends. . That why no meter how you feel like or what kind of position you get don’t forget about people around you. Maybe your wings will not last forever and you will need somebody to pick you up. The last point that Lisbe represent is that everything that you are doing will comes to you back.

    The angel was so happy when he pushed the demon down but then the demon got the wings and flied back to him. But this time the angel didn’t had the wings and the power that he thought he had. This means we should not hurt the each other . one you do that you have to know that the next person that would be hurt is you . To sum up everything I would say that this video is very helpful to learn how to be better humans and to apprised more the life. We can’t be the one that can judge but we can be the one that can give advice and help. Also one we get on the top we shouldn’t forget the people bellow us they also can reach the glory.

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