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    Hardcore Underground Rap Music Essay

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    Many young men who grow up in low income communities feel there are few opportunities to succeed, especially in the African American and Hispanic communities. Without proper education, it’s very hard to find meaningful and satisfying employment. When young men in these lower income communities cannot find decent employment, sometimes they make bad choices in the pursuit to earn money. In Houston, TX, underground rap music has become the opportunity for young men growing up in impoverished neighborhoods.

    Most people would agree that underground rap music is not the best career choice for young men. Money, power, and women are just a few enticements that lure young men into the dark side of underground rap music. Although, many young men from the streets feel that underground rap music is their only way out of the ghetto, there are other opportunities of making it out of the ghetto. Therefore, young men should declare independence from underground rap music and let education guide them to success.

    Underground rap music is a hardcore form of rap, sometimes labeled gangster rap, which started in the streets, and gave birth to independent rap artists without major recording contracts. In the early years of underground rap music, the messages expressed the emotions, authority, and logic of the streets and impoverished neighborhoods. Due to the non- commercial quality of underground rap music, underground artists had to find other ways of promoting their music without mainstream radio play and major label distribution.

    Although, underground rap music started out as the voice of the independent self-promoting street artist, it later became a profitable entity that continuously generates millions of dollars yearly; attracting droves of young men from the streets to stake their claim at trying to be the next underground rap superstar. However, the music material of today’s underground rap sounds like it should be considered gangster rap; glorifying drugs, violence, and murder; having a negative effect on the youth.

    In addition, many underground rap artists have died, as a result of the lifestyle that comes with being an underground rap artist. Therefore, young men should really think long and hard about making a decision to become an underground rap artist. Furthermore, they should pay close attention to the dangerous facts associated with underground rap music. For example, Tupac Shakur, also known as 2pac, was a world-wide and well-known underground rapper who suffered a terrible death in Las Vegas, from a drive- by shooting.

    Although, some of his music material was positive, the majority of his music contained messages of murder, crime, violence, and drugs. On the song “Hit Them Up” 2pac raps about having sex with Biggie Smalls wife, in a vindictive and revengeful tone that sparked tension between him and Biggie Smalls. Before his death, 2pac and Biggie Smalls were involved in the East coast vs. West coast war that contributed to blood shed on both sides.

    The negativity in 2pac’s life revolved around underground rap music and ultimately sealed the deal for his untimely death. Would 2pac still be alive if he would have declared independence from underground rap music? What if he made the decision to stop rapping and go back to school to work on a bachelors or masters degree? 2pac’s mother has to live on without her son. For a mother, it’s a painful thing to swallow, knowing you will never see your child again. Young men don’t have to end up like 2pac and die at an early age.

    But, most young men trying to pursue a career in underground rap music argue that there are no jobs available and nobody will hire them; rap music is a better opportunity to become rich enough to purchase a mansion and a Bentley in a short period of time; regular jobs don’t pay enough money; there’s nothing wrong with using explicit language and profanity; rap music won’t affect kids if their parents raise them right; the drugs, crime, violence , murder, unsafe sex, underage drinking, and degradation of women associated with underground rap are not negative influences.

    It’s understandable how the youth are so amazed and captured by this monster called underground rap music. Young men are watching music videos with the half- naked beautiful women. Young men see the underground rappers flashing money everywhere and driving expensive cars. They see images of drugs and violence associated with street credibility. They see diamond Rolex watches and diamond necklaces. They become fascinated with the lifestyle without seeing the real dangers that hide underneath the real truth; it’s all an illusion and deceitful.

    It may look good on the surface to young men, but this illusion of success has the potential to disrupt the course of their life. On the other hand, there are other opportunities that don’t involve violence, crime, murder, and drugs. Educational opportunities will not require young men to put their life on the line for material items, but it will require them to pick up a few books. Young men must be made aware of the value and importance of a good education. A good education will open the doors for other opportunities.

    The opportunities of becoming a Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Health Professional, Scientist, or English Professor are waiting for young men. To argue, there are no jobs and no employers are hiring is ludicrous. An education will prepare and properly train young men for meaningful and satisfying careers. Proper resume preparation and representation will help young men look more professional to employers; “Jobs are available”. Furthermore, an education will broaden young men’s knowledge of the English language.

    Underground rap music does not broaden young men’s knowledge of the English language, but it promotes unhealthy communication through the uses of profanity and explicit language. Young men must become role models for the next generation of young men. Kids imitate what they see. Underground rappers promote drugs, crime, violence, murder, unsafe sex, underage drinking, and degradation of women in their music. This type of behavior destroys communities and influences young men to drop out of school. Does society want their kids looking up to these rappers as role models?

    The answer is no. According to Kenneth McGee, a former underground rapper, young men who value an education are more likely to succeed and become the next generation of leaders. Kenneth McGee admits to the fact that underground rap music almost destroyed his life until he declared his independence. He declared his Independence from a negative lifestyle of underground rap and went back to school to earn a degree. It is clear to see that young men who are involved with underground rap music should declare their independence and let education guide them to success.

    In addition to that, young men who are thinking about giving underground rap a trial period in their life should consider that idea hazardous to their health and well being. The facts still remain that underground rap music has a negative effect on young men; glorifies violence, drugs, crime, murder, underage drinking, unsafe sex, and degradation of women. In conclusion, education creates more opportunities for young men to succeed and underground rap music creates more opportunities to destroy young men.

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