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    Happiness and Fulfillment Sample Essay

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    The thought of felicity and fulfilment lifting from generousness is a message nowadays in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Dickens encourages and inspires his Victorian readers to alter their positions and support those around them. through generousness. Dickens emphasizes how generousness can take to fulfilment and felicity through the building of his novel. The prevailing concerns of life and decease. isolation and togetherness and alteration allows Dickens to show to his readers the importance of generousness and seeing its effects on those around you.

    Dickens creates contrasts in his characters to underscore the importance of generousness and its effects. The Scrooge readers meet in stave one. a adult male “solitary as an oyster” and so cold “a iciness does non impact him” leads readers to experience pessimistic towards Scrooge. His maltreatment of Bob Cratchit and his cold. dark nature is so juxtaposed to that of the warm “lively” Fezziwig. Scrooge’s old employer. Fezziwig with his “Christmas party” and the generousness toward Scrooge and his other learner nowadayss readers with the felicity brought approximately by greathearted giving. Scrooge is hankering to be a portion of his memory one time more with “his bosom and psyche in the scene. ” The contrast of employee intervention allows Scrooge to see his skewed ways and allows readers to see how their generousness could take to the felicity of others and a fulfillment of responsibility as an employer. The largest and most obvious character contrast is between the initial Scrooge and the concluding Scrooge. “Wheezing…” and about machine-like Ebenezer Scrooge is loathed and on the outskirts of society. even the blind are seen as lucky for non holding to “set eyes on evil himself” .

    However. Scrooge’s transmutation and journey allows him to recognize his responsibility to others and how assisting those around him such as the Cratchits and going “a 2nd male parent to Tiny Tim” gives him joy and pleasance. This alteration demonstrates to readers the importance of their alteration and the importance of the effects their generousness could convey approximately. Metaphorical contrasts endorse Dickens’ position on the importance of generousness. Throughout the novel Dickens’ usage of heat and coldness to picture characters. scenes or scenes add to his accent of generousness. The cold ‘bare. melancholy’ life of Scrooge with his cold house and ‘small fires’ adds to the thought of isolation and how much alteration is needed. This is contrasted with the heat of Fezziwig’s ball with ‘fires heaped with fuel’ stand foring the felicity in the lives linked to Fezziwig. Dickens. with the metaphors of visible radiation and dark addresses a slightly Christian value of generousness and fulfillment. The darkness and the ‘grim’ mentality of Scrooge’s decease in Stave four high spots how non altering skewed precedences can take to ‘pain’ and ‘incessant torture’ .

    The visible radiation. given off by the fires or general conditions endorses the thought that light represents a alteration. a ‘good man’ who understands the importance of generousness. Fred. the nephew of Scrooge. has ‘red cheeks’ and a ‘glowing’ visual aspect. representative of his charity. his attention for the public assistance and good being of others. such as the Cratchits. and his positions on how people. like Scrooge. should understand giving is a manner of assisting. non merely others. but oneself. The conclusiveness decease brings allows Dickens to underscore the demand for alteration and generousness in life. The impression is clearly represented in the life Scrooge and the ‘dead as a door-nail’ Marley. Dickens’ description of Marley with ‘cashboxes…ledgers’ weighing him down and a heavy ‘chain [ he ] forged in life’ creates an image readers should fear.

    Populating with ‘no peace…no rest’ and enduring with ‘incessant torture’ Marley realises his concern was ‘mankind’ and ‘charity. public assistance. wellbeing’ were his concern excessively. He warns Scrooge of the concatenation he has forged so far and the importance of others while one is still alive Marley is incapable of assisting others and frightens Scrooge into alteration at first. However. witnessing how he could suppress the decease of Tiny Tim. an “innocent child” . Scrooge understands that generousness is non merely philanthropy to be done and bury. it is a duty that concerns those in his life that he can salvage. This high spots to readers why Scrooge is so overjoyed at the terminal – he has found felicity and fulfillment in happening a intent that saves and attentions for the public assistance and well-being of another. Dickens emphasises that this is a way more of his readers should take.

    Ultimately Dickens does propose and topographic points importance of his concern of generousness to others gives manner to the felicity and fulfillment of oneself. His building of the novel and word picture leads readers to recognize the power and influence and importance they have in another life.

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