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    Halina Essay

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    HALINA MOUNTAIN RESORT (C) I. AREAS OF CONSIDERATION (SWOT ANALYSIS) A. STRENGTHS: 1. Halina Mountain Resort is a company owned business. 2. The very good location of the resort. 3. The first Resort in the area that has a restaurant. 4. The wide land area expansion suitable for parking accommodation. 5. First-class resort with first-class facilities (cleanliness) 6. Rich in Natural Resources (e. g. , mineral hot spring, enchanting Mt. Makiling view) B. WEAKNESSES: 1. No safety measures mentioned 2. Financial constraints 3. The key personnel of the resort are from Herrera family. 4. Lack of marketing strategies (advertising and promotion)

    C. OPPORTUNITIES: 1. Customers’ word-of-mouth (relative to Resort promotion) 2. Utilization of the underdeveloped half-hectare land expansion 3. New gimmicks/features 4. Serving new customers group D. THREATS: 1. Natural disaster like typhoon, earthquakes and others. 2. Other competitors in the area that was patronized by people, or may have a low price. 3. The resort is near a creek; this may cause the land to be soft. 4. The recent incident (holdup) nearby the resort may cause worries to customers concerning their safety. 5. Government Standardization (admission fee in particular) II. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

    How would the Halina Mountain Resort emerge in the competitive environment and ensure the growth of their business? III. ALTERNATIVE COURSES OF ACTION 1. Victor F. Herrera, Jr. , as EVP & General Manager of the resort, may apply his learning and experiences from being a brand manager of a mass consumer food aside from the seminars he attended and MBA studies. -Advantage: Jun Herrera could adopt marketing strategies like in Food Company around similar objectives. -Disadvantage: The resort comprises different complicated operation for each condition and it requires a unique marketing approach for each function. . The Company may employ more competent professionals for each respective department/field of operation other than those family relatives. -Advantage: The hiring of a more competent employee could enhance company’s general efficiency and contribute a satisfying customer service. -Disadvantage: Such course of action leads to a higher compensation demand and may cause some family relative concerns to get out-of-work. 3. Halina Mountain Resort has various sort of service offering (like the utilization and improvement of the underdeveloped half-hectare expansion) other than what it used to offer. Advantage: The development of the half-hectare expansion as being a camping site (dubbed Halina Tropical Adventure Base) would mean another additional feature for the Company and that caters another customers’ needs. -Disadvantage: The said expansion development needs budget to make such undertaking feasible and workable. 4. The Management may propose a unique marketing strategy such as offering quantity discounts, premiums and other freebies. -Advantage: Such marketing initiative will boost the company’s sale even during “low months” or ordinary days. Disadvantage: The available discount is limited because of government standardization. 5. The company must coordinate with the Local Government Authorities to tighten the security measures in the area. -Advantage: Customers will have their guarantee to their safety. -Disadvantage: The credibility of the authorities is questionable to have a 100% satisfaction. IV. RECOMMENDATION After the scrupulous scrutiny of the cases involving the Halina Mountain Resort and the systematic evaluation of the alternative courses of action, the following are recommended: 1.

    The company must utilize its underdeveloped half-hectare expansion for it will be a good source of income as it meets a new range of customers’ needs. By making it the Halina Tropical Adventure Base, more customers (especially the campers and hikers group) will be surprised to see new facilities and adventurous features. It will also increase the uniqueness of the Resort among its competitors. 2. To improve the marketing strategies of the company, premiums and quantity discount can be made available despite the standardization set by the Local Government.

    This will surely invite more groups of customers to come in the Resort and have their loyalties that will experience the same adventure to their companies/parties. 3. The security measures must be tightened by employing more credible security personnel and coordinate accordingly with the Local Government Authorities for the customers guarantee to their safety. V. DETAILED ACTION PLAN 1. The company must have their feasibility study about the development of the half-hectare expansion to make Halina Tropical Adventure Base surely viable. 2.

    New gimmicks and adventures can be imitated from the South East Asian countries, Japan and Taiwan where Mr. Herrera Sr. come up the ideas, as long as these features will boost the competitiveness of the Resort and will bring good impressions to their customers that they may share to their companies/parties. 3. Promos like premiums and quantity discounts to group customers such as school-excursion clienteles should be made available (especially during low months or ordinary days where sales is inferior or during summer where competition is stiff).

    VI. CONCLUSION Certainly, the industry in which the Blue Heights Realty and Development Corporation engaging in is seasonal-based where the result of its operation is inconsistent through out the year. Nevertheless, because of the God-given resources and the good location, the principal owner, Mr. Victor E. Herrera Sr. , taking these advantages, launched his very first project (dubbed Halina Mountain Resort) in spite of capital constraints and albeit the investment risks brought by the existing unbending rivalry in the resort trade.

    With the long-range objective of establishing a first-class and a well-known mountain resort that will give customer satisfaction by means of good services and complete facilities and amenities, Mr. Herrera, along others, is very optimistic about the resort’s future operation. But how could the Halina Mountain Resort, as a beginner in the resort trade, survive the competitive environment and gain favorably from its ever-changing operation?

    Indeed, by utilizing the available resources it has (such as the underdeveloped half-hectare expansion) without spending much from such move and developing unique selling propositions (e. g. premiums and quantity discounts offering to group customers & adding new recreational features) aside from ensuring cleanliness and customers’ safety, the Management could boost up the resort’s competitiveness and gain customer loyalties. In the long run, these will help the Halina Mountain Resort succeed the present agrresive industry rivalry and ensure favorable income from its operation notwithstanding seasonal changes.

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