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Group Analysis of Organizational Behavior Essay

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Group Analysis of Organizational Behavior BY 231185 GROUP ANALYSIS FOR ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR CORE PROBLEM ATTITUDE In my opinion Attitude by Mr Jackson is the core problem in this case study. Attitude is defined as the evaluation statements or Judgments concerning objects, people or events. Attitude has three main components which are, cognitive component, the affective component and the behavioural component. CAUSE The cause is associated with negative attitudes , personality , perception , communication and leadership skills which all contribute to the problems experienced in the work place .

EFFECT The effect is evident in disruptive behaviour in the work environment Because of the negative relationship between Jane Taylor and Tony Jackson an unpleasant atmosphere has been created. Gramham Walkins a good and positive worker has decided to leave the company . Deviant behaviour is being exercise which was not existent before . Evident (shouting from one end to next end , embarrassing other employees , sarcastically nicknaming persons . Tony Jackson does not accept Taylor. This is evident in his behaviour. DEFINE SATELLITE PROBLEM Job Attitude Personality Perception Communication Leadership

DETERMAIN THE FACTS AND CRITICAL ISSUES Job Satisfaction This involves Job satisfaction, Job involvement, and organisational commitment. Job satisfaction is a positive felling about someone’s Job resulting from an evaluation of its characteristics. Mr Jackson is not satisfied with is Job. He holds negative feelings about his Job. This is evident in the remark that he made to Mrs Taylor “If you treat me like a piece of dirt, I’ll behave like a piece of dirt”. In this case study this Job satisfaction has lead to workplace deviance by only Mr Jackson. In addition, Mr Walkins has considered going to work else where.

This supports the idea that satisfaction-turnover relationship also is affected by alternative Job prospect. This is a result of the pull ( the lure of the other Job ) than the push (the attractiveness of the current Job ) . Mr Watkins has perceived it to be easier to move that deal with the ‘unpleasant atmosphere’ in the office . Joo Involvement Is usea to reter to tne degree to wnlcn a person laentlTles witn a Jon, actively participates in it and considers performance to self worth. Persons would identify psychologically with their Job and consider the perceived performance level important.

Mr Taylor had a negative attitude in relation to Job involvement this was evident in the errors he made in work . ln addition when Mrs Taylor told him to concentrate on his own work, because it was often below standard . She also I showed him his mistakes but he Just said, “What do you expect, I’m only human. ” This was inappropriate and Organisational Commitment refers to the degree in which an employee identifies with a particular organisation and its goals and wishes t o maintain membership. IDENTIfY ALTERNATIVES WEIGHT THE PROS AND CONS SELECTION OF BEST ALTERNATIVES RECOMMENDATIONS

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