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    The Many Benefits of Gravity

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    Gravity has many benefits to humanity.

    It holds us to the earth so we do not fall off the earth and die in space. It holds the planets in orbit around the sun, and moons in orbit around their planets. It also holds stars in orbit around the center of the universe. (Gibben, page 14)Sir Isaac Newton thought that God created a perfect universe.

    He thought our universe was so perfectly designed that if God left the universe could run by itself. This view was extremely different early pagan scientist and offered new views about gravity. (Lindley page 34 and 35). Some two-hundred years later Einstein developed the General theory of Relativity. In this theory he stated that matter disturbs space-time. he said that the universe is like a giant rubber sheet and objects such as stars bend space-time.

    (Gibben, page 49. )One of a gravity’s most complicated features are black holes. Black holes are objects that have as strong or stronger pull of gravity as stars such as the sun compacted into a extremely small space. It is so strong that light can not escape a black hole.

    It has been proven that black holes leak. The smaller the black hole is the more it leaks. (Gibben, page 46) If a object is put in the path of a black hole the process of spegetification begins. This process begins when an object falls under gravity it stretches and stretches into a long thin object. the only way to get out is by traveling faster than the speed of light.

    (Gibben, page 63)According to Newton, if the sun was to disappear, the sun’s gravity would immediately disappear with it. This would cause the gravitational attraction of the sun and earth to immediately leave into outer space. Then the earth along with all the other planets, moons, and asteroids would fling into space. (Lindley, 186)All objects fall at the same. speed. Galileo found this out by dropping the cannon balls with different weights off the Tower of Pisa.

    Later, Isaac Newton found out that a heavier object needs a great pull of gravity for the object to fall as fast as the smaller object. (Lindley, page 188)Works CitedLindley, David. The End of Physics. 1993 Basic BooksGibben, John and May . Time and Space. 1994Dorling-Kinchsley

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