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“Girl With a Pearl Earring” by Tracy Chevalier Sample Essay

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The fresh “Girl With a Pearl Earring” by Tracy Chevalier chronicles the immature life of a adult female named Griet. as she travels through a journey full of love. hatred. green-eyed monster. adversity. and other experiences throughout her work as a amah. She is employed at the celebrated painter Vermeer’s really big family. Catharina plays a chief function in the house and is Vermeer’s bigheaded homemaker who gives birth to many kids. Her female parent. Maria Thins. is wiser and conducts most of the family’s concern manners. Griet is invariably disputing with another amah named Tanneke. who gets really covetous of Griet at times. as does Catharina and her girl Cornelia. Cornelia is about an exact reproduction of Catharina’s stuck-up and snobby personality. Throughout the novel. Griet. Catharina. Tanneke. and Cornelia compete over their presence in the head of Vermeer. Griet wins this conflict. but in an kernel. besides loses the conflict because everyone in the family is seeking to acquire rid of her. Griet is admired the most by Vermeer. which is something that she likes. but besides places her in the most volatile place of the family.

Cornelia is ever seeking ways to acquire Griet into problem with her female parent. Catharina. She in secret searches all twenty-four hours for any manner to rag or upset Griet. This is in portion because of her jealousy towards Griet and partially towards desiring to be closer with her male parent. Vermeer. It is apparent that Cornelia doesn’t merely hold a “grudge” against amahs. because she is merely looking for ways to be a nuisance merely with Griet. ne’er with Tanneke. Griet even says that Cornelia was out to acquire her. “Cornelia had been waiting some clip for this mischievousness. She had even managed somehow to acquire up in the Attic and steal the pulverization. ” ( 113 ) . This is the event in which Cornelia steals some of the ruddy pulverization that Griet has been crunching for Vermeer and smudges it all over Griet’s apron. Cornelia does this trusting for Catharina to happen out about Griet running particular errands for Vermeer. This shows that Cornelia becomes so covetous of Griet that she even begins undertaking luxuriant programs to acquire rid of her. Despite being a immature miss. she knows that Griet and Vermeer are going closer. and she wants to halt it. With the changeless mischievousness of Cornelia. Griet is coming closer and closer to losing her occupation. merely as Cornelia wants.

The other amah. Tanneke. is really covetous of Griet acquiring more regard from Vermeer and Maria Thins and being treated better than her by them. Tanneke has worked with the Vermeer household for most of her life and she expects to be the most extremely appreciated amah. but all of a sudden Griet. who has been working at that place for less than a twelvemonth. earns Vermeer’s esteem. After Tanneke sees the ruddy pulverization on Griet’s apron. she knows that she has been running particular errands for Vermeer. She so visits Maria Thins about it. but Maria says something that causes her to ne’er talk of it once more. Although she ne’er mentions the event once more. she is ne’er the same with Griet.

“I ne’er found out what Maria Thins said to Tanneke. what threats or promises she made to maintain her quiet. But it worked… She became much harder with me…” ( 114 ) . This shows that Maria Thins respects that Griet is assisting Vermeer with his pigments. hopefully doing him paint faster. Tanneke is really disquieted that some amah. who merely moved in. all of a sudden earns more regard from Vermeer and Maria Thins than she had in her 15 old ages working at that place. As Tanneke grows even more covetous. she besides tries to acquire rid of Griet. doing the place of holding Vermeer’s esteem even more unstable.

The individual that is the most afraid and intimidated by Griet’s developing relationship with Vermeer is Catharina. Ever since the minute Griet first moves in. Catharina has held a score against her. As Griet earns Vermeer’s “preference. ” Catharina’s green-eyed monster grows vastly. Catharina can’t stand the fact that Griet is acquiring more attending from Vermeer than she is. even though she is Vermeer’s married woman. She has been seeking for credence and fondness from Vermeer. both of which she gets excessively few of to fulfill her demands. Catharina can non believe that a puny amah is acquiring more attending from Vermeer than she has her full life. When Catharina finds out that Vermeer has been in secret painting Griet. all of her choler and jealousy saddle horses to a point where she can non bear it any longer.

She eventually expresses this desire to acquire attending from Vermeer. “Catharina was no sap. She knew that the existent affair was non the earrings. She wanted them to be. she tried to do them be so. but she could non assist herself. She turned to her hubby. ‘Why. ’ she asked. ‘have you ne’er painted me? ‘” ( 214 ) . Catharina has been inquiring this likely most of her life with Vermeer. she could digest Vermeer painting Tanneke. but painting Griet is excessively much for her. This is the last Catharina can set up with Griet. and while she is contemplating firing her. Griet runs off. without of all time seeing the finished picture of herself.

Griet has the most desired place in the house. seeing as everyone is seeking to be in her topographic point. This place is really hazardous. because as clip wears on Catharina. Tanneke. and Cornelia are all turning more covetous. As Griet becomes infatuated with Vermeer she doesn’t recognize the unsafe state of affairs she is in. and that it will finally take to her ruin. Ultimately. being extremely respected by Vermeer brings Catharina. who can no longer bear her husband’s high respect for Griet. to fire her. In the long term this is a good and bad thing for Griet. She can eventually acquire off from working as a amah and taking orders from Catharina and Maria Thins. and go her ain adult females in charge of herself. She controls her ain fate. The bad side is that Griet ne’er sees the true love of her life once more. because they go about their separate ways and he finally dies. Pieter is a individual that Griet uses to acquire off from the memories of Vermeer. but no affair what she does. she will ever retrieve the heat of Vermeer’s organic structure in the winter. the feel of his custodies upon hers. and the touch of his fingers upon her lips.

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