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    Genetic (825 words) Essay

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    GeneticEngineeringFor many years, man has been advancing his race through technology.

    Many thingsthrough those were questionable and questionable, but none are close to acertain technology today. And that would be genetic engineering. What exactly isgenetic engineering? To put it shortly, it is where scientists splice, alter,and manipulate genes of one thing to how the scientist want it, and even insertthat gene into a foreign host. This technological tool is too powerful for us tohandle. It is advancing faster than we can expect. Because of this fact, geneticengineering raises many moral and ethical issues while also showing signs ofmany dangers.

    This controversially technology could be looked at two ways, onereligiously and the other, scientifically and economically. First, let’s talka religious point of view on genetic engineering. With the current knowledge wehave today in genetic engineering, life can easily be created and manipulated toone’s liking. How can one “Play God” by creating and altering life atone’s will and not at all feel guilty? Haven’t we learned that trying to beon a level as God is a punishable act? Such examples are ones such as thedestruction of Babylon. People at that time tried to build a tower high enoughto reach God, but it was destroyed, a punishment by God that warned us of whatwill happen if we tried to get powerful as him. People say that God gave us theknowledge to discover.

    If this is so, did God give us the knowledge to make theatom bomb so we could wipe out cities and vast lives in an instant? Did God giveus the knowledge to make deadly biological weapons to kill each other with? Anddid God give us the knowledge to be so advance in warfare today that the worldcould be destroyed in minutes? God did not give us the knowledge to do thesethings or for genetic engineering. Man ignorantly chooses his own way andchooses to venture out doing things that are wrong. So who are we to decide whatsex a baby should be, how it should look, and what skills it might have? Theseare just few of the many questions raised in a religious point of view. Next, isthe scientific and economical view. One goal of genetic engineering is to makeproducts more efficient. Things such as crops and other plants are one of thethings that have been experimented on and even released into the environment.

    This is especially dangerous because scientists are not fully sure of what couldgo wrong. A genetically altered crop or plant could become dominant and takeover all of the its like species and become a problem such as becoming majorpests. There have been many cases where non-indigenous plants introduced into adifferent environment served no use and became major pest problems. But evenmore dangerous altered plants are genetically altered humans.

    The functions ofall the genes are not known, only these of a very small percentage of the totalgenes in organisms such as humans. So why would a scientist take a risk, notknowing the full potential dangers it might cause, such as having an effect onother genes? Privacy is another major concern. What if a sing drop of aperson’s blood could reveal all the faults of that person? When will we wakeup in a world where everyone has permanent records of what defect will come upin their lifetime and what other things they are susceptible of getting. What ifinsurance companies got hold of these records? Could people be refused of healthinsurance because of these facts? There are many examples where people have beenrefused of some health care because of genetic screening. Not only that, in arecent poll in Time magazine, a question was asked if a person whose geneticprofile shows potential problems pay higher health-insurance rates than someonewhose profile does not? Only 8 % answered yes while the majority 88% said no. Obviously even the majority of this nation does not want to be geneticallyprofiled.

    One recent controversy that has come up is cloning. With some DNA ofan organism, scientists are able to make and exact copy of that organism. Asheep and a monkey have already been successfully cloned, and with the currenttechnology, humans could also be cloned. This raises the most ethical and moralissues because many questions would be raised about the clone.

    What will be thepurpose of making exact human copies? We might even get to a point where humansare cloned for specific duties or even cloned for body parts needed by organrecipients. Would rights would that clone have? Maybe the same as everyone ormaybe not. Again, this is something that we as humans should never experimentwith or even attempt. To conclude, genetic engineering is a tool that is toopowerful for any man to handle. It is too dangerous and crosses many moral andethical issues. Do we want to perfect ourselves to immortality? Such things arenot meant to be handled by mere mortals such as us.

    We should let nature takeits course as it has been for over many successful generations.

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