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    Future of Baby Boomers – Senior Living Facilities Essay

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    From the year 2006 until 2024 is the time where the baby boomers generation has reached the age where they should consider moving into senior living facilities. This paper briefly discusses the policies that senior living facilities must abide by. Also, the paper goes into detail about some of the issues that seniors may face before or while living in the community.

    Lastly, it will discuss some of the newer trends that the facilities have begun. The research serves as an informative tool to use while considering the decision of moving into a facility. The goal is to provide as much information possible to help transitioning into the golden years (sixty and above). One recommendation is to continue researching the different type of senior living facilities and the different amenities and choose the home that would best work for the baby boomer. Introduction Many Baby Boomers are approaching the point when its time for them to have “the talk”. The talk is a difficult conversation that discusses their end of life plans.

    One option that many elder Americans choose is to move into a senior living facility. According to Payne, a senior living facility has emerged in the past two decades as an increasingly available option for housing and long-term care. In 2007, there were approximately 38,000 senior living facilities nationwide, serving about 975,000 residents[ CITATION Jan10 l 1033 ]. Senior living facilities act as a home that offers physical, intellectual, and social activities to enjoy as you grow into the golden years (sixty and above).

    They vary in apartment style including apartments as well as single-family homes or townhouses. Residents maintain as much independence as possible and are still able to perform all of the activities of daily living. This care retirement community provides a continuum of housing, services, and nursing care in one location or campus. After all aspects are considered, is senior living the best option for aging individuals in America? The mandates governing senior living facilities are continuously changing; it is imperative to remain up to date on the policies, regulatory issues, and operation trends. Federal Statuses that Impact Assisted LivingCongress is currently contemplating a few different acts to pass in the next few years that will highly affect senior living facilities. Although new policy is being created every year there are still important policies that have resided for over fifty years.

    The purpose of the following policies range from hiring individuals that can appropriately take care and accommodate the senior to increasing Medicaid funding. If all the current contemplating bills were passed it would greatly affect aging individuals, and will cause for drastic changes in subpar senior living homes. Positive Aging Act of 2013 Amends the Public Health Service Act to require the Secretary of Health and Human Services to make grants to public and private nonprofit living facilities. Things the act will implement are integrating mental health services for older adults into primary care settings. Also, the senior living homes must support the establishment and maintenance of interdisciplinary geriatric mental health outreach teams in community settings where older adults reside or receive social services.

    [ CITATION ALF13 l 1033 ]Elder Abuse Victims Act of 2013 would establish a program that should encourage states to create jobs that will hold offenders accountable allow for prosecution. The Act will require facilities to provide information, training, and technical assistance to assist states and local governments in preventing, elder abuse and neglect. Also, evaluate the efficacy of measures intended to prevent, detect, respond to, or redress elder abuse and the extent to which the needs of the victims in each state are met by crime victim services, programs, and sources of funding. Lastly, conduct and regularly update a study of state laws and practices relating to elder abuse.

    (ALFA, 2013). Fostering Independence through Technology Act of 2013 (FITTA) would require the U. S Department of Health Services to implement remote monitoring pilot projects within Medicare to provide incentives to home health agencies to use home monitoring and communications technologies (ALFA, 2013). Improving Access to Rehabilitation Services Act of 2013 if passed it will allow observation stays to be included in the three-day impatient stay covered under Medicare. When calculating the rate of veterans determined to be rehabilitated to the point of employability, to divide the number of veterans who participated in VA vocational rehabilitation programs whom the Secretary determines to have been so rehabilitated by the total number of veterans. Medicare Access to Rehabilitation Coverage Act of 2013 This particular act would amend title XVIII (Medicare) of the Social Security Act to repeal the caps on Medicare outpatient rehabilitation physical therapy services[ CITATION ALF13 l 1033 ].

    Older American Act of 1965 is the first federal attempt to coordinate a comprehensive set of services to support older adult. The act ensured to ensure equal opportunity to the fair and free enjoyment of adequate income in retirement; the best possible physical and mental health services without regard to economic status; suitable housing; restorative and long-term care; opportunity for employment; retirement in health, honor, and dignity; civic, cultural, educational, and recreational participation and contribution; efficient community services; immediate benefit from proven research knowledge; freedom, independence, and the exercise of self-determination; and protection against abuse, neglect, and exploitation. CITATION Sco14 l 1033 ]. Elder Justice Act this act requires the Health and Human Services to protect our elders from abuse. The Health and Human Services protect them by overseeing the development and management resources received by the federal government. Nursing Home Transparency and Improvement it a act that allowed the transparency of information on skilled nursing facilities and nursing facilities and to clarify and improve the targeting of the enforcement of requirements with respect to such facilities[ CITATION Cat12 l 1033 ].

    Home and Community Balanced Incentives Act this act enhanced Federal Medicaid matching funds to States to increase access to non-institutional long-term services and supports. Housing Regulation Issues Affordability, Condition, Sustainability For some people, senior living is not an option, mostly for financial reasons. Assisted living facilities cost an average of $34,000 annually in 2009, compared to about $74,000 per year for a nursing home, according to research published in January in Health Affairs [ CITATION Jan10 l 1033 ]. In 2010, the average senior living entrance fee was $248,000, but fees can range from $20,000 to more than $1 million [ CITATION RSt13 l 1033 ]. According to Genworth.

    com, the average cost of a one-bedroom, independent living or retirement community in the U. S. in 2012 was $2,750 a month. Independent living costs can vary by retirement community, based on the size of the apartment, geographical location of the community and the services needed at the community.

    Although living in a senior facility may seem very expensive it comes with advantages. Many independent living communities offer a carefree lifestyle, free of everyday living responsibilities, such as meal preparation, housekeeping, and laundry and house maintenance. Trends Technology the future of senior living facilities is very promising. Some facilities have incorporated the use of technology to help with the physical therapy. A recent study shows that the effect of the Nintendo Wii improves balance and reduces the risk of falling.

    The Wii Fit software provides a number of ’fun’ games that feature balance training, yoga (body alignment and controlled movements), strength training, and aerobic games. In addition to being fun, the Wii Fit also provides the participant with immediate feedback about the movements of the body’s center of gravity, a key measure of balance control [ CITATION Jes12 l 1033 ]. Specialty Communities Senior Living facilities also vary depending on the needs of the individual. The first option is low-income or subsided senior housing. The low-income option of housing are subsidized by the U. S.

    Department of Housing and Urban Development for low-income seniors. Second is the congregate care housing, these are apartment that are restricted by age, and the rent usually includes different recreational programs. The third option for senior living is a retirement community, which is extremely similar to the congregate care housing. Retirement communities are also restricted by age and have recreation programs that are included in the monthly fee paid to live in the homes. The last type of community to consider is the continuing care retirement community. The continuing care facility is for individuals who anticipate health problems down the line.

    These individuals move into the facility while healthy to help transition before becoming ill. Ecofriendly Complexes Another trend being considered is ecofriendly complexes. There are a growing number of eco-friendly assisted living communities emerging around the country. Before committing to the ecofriendly housing it is imperative that you learn what to look while visiting these facilities. A green senior living home should include building materials that are locally produced or recycled.

    Green senior living facilities will incorporate water conservation and storm water management. Another aspect would be for carbon emission to be low through the use of renewable energy or super-efficient weatherization. There are multiple other aspects to consider before moving into the senior living facility. Conclusion In order to truly understand the benefits or negative aspects of the senior living facility, it is necessary to conduct a thorough research for yourself that includes all aspects of the senior living community. Different ways to conduct this study is by researching through the Internet, visiting the communities first hand, and interview residents of the community. As the baby boomers continue to grow older it is important to find the best option that fits the individual.

    As the senior leaving facility continues to expand it is important for the individual and their family to remain up to date on the policies, regulatory issues, and operation trends so that the baby boomer is receiving the optimal amount of benefits.


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