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Funny or dramatic Essay (947 words)

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    The prince charming was a very weak character for me as he was not as believable, funny or dramatic as the other characters, but he had a strong rich accent, which made him sound and look like royalty, for example: ‘Pardon me may you excuse your hands from my buttocks’, the word pardon and excuse made him sound old fashion which is how I think royal people would speak. He stood up straight, hands behind his back, head high and chest up, which showed how powerful he was (not physically powerful). His actions were funny as they were a contrast to what he really was. He tried to make himself big and manly but really he was small and looked more feminine then masculine.

    He always had golden suit even for the ball and wedding but they were different designs, which showed of his wealth it also showed how much of a show off he was, as he knew he was rich and he liked to show it off to people. For the ball he had a white suit, which showed the audience that he was a clean person, the white colour showed the audience the prince was faithful. The stepmother was a very horrible and dramatic woman. She walked on stage, looked at the audience, called Cinderella’s name twice and on the third time shouted Cinderella’s name very loud, this showed me that she was a impatient woman who had a short temper which makes the audience sympathise with Cinderella as she is not a easy person to live with. ‘You despicable child’, the word despicable shows the audience that she is rich as she uses a strong and posh word.

    The stepmother’s clothes were very gothic. She had a long, black dress, long dark green nails and long black hair. The long clothing covered a lot of her body part, which symbolised that she did not want people to find out about her evil ways. The lighting was a dark green colour. The dirty green showed the audience how she got the money in a dirty way. Every time she appeared on stage smoke appeared on stage, which shows the audience that everything she does turns into ash.

    The letter man was very proud of is job and thought he was better then everyone else as when he walked into the house he announced the good news ‘I have a very special announcement to make, the king chose me of course to tell you losers that you are all invited to the ball’. He gave the twins the letter with the tips of his two fingers and used a tissue to clean his hands, which showed me that he thought he was on top because the prince picked him to tell people the good news.

    He had a white suit on which showed how classy, clean and wealthy the prince was. The letterman had pink cards with a picture of a golden crown as props, which symbolised that the ball was for girls only and that the girls were for the prince or future queen, its as if a girl gets the card she immediately knows what it is about at it was made for the specific people. The lighting was grey which was a contrast to his character as he was happy, excited and felt better then everyone else but really the other characters looked at him as a boring, old and sad person, which is why none of the character bothered to fight back after what he said.

    There are many different sets. The prince’s castle which is white and gold and with diamonds. The diamonds and gold symbolises the prince’s wealth and high position. The white shows the audience how clean he is. The forest, which had cardboard trees with a bright green colour, which showed that the forest was a nice, forests not a scary one. The inside house of the stepmother very colourful just like the twins, it seems that the twins decorated the house most parents would not let that happen, this shows that the stepmother thinks the twins are grown up and she wants them to have fun.

    The most memorable moment was when the stepsisters and mother found out Cinderella went to the ball and was the girl the prince danced with. The lighting immediately changed to a dark, brown and black colour and a scary sound/music was put on, everything turned from comedy to scary and serious. The characters all had serious faces. It was realistic as Cinderella was shaken, had a scared face and was walking back while the twins and the mum had angry faces and an evil smile on their faces and was walking towards her. The lights were turned off and a high pitch and loud scream was made. The contrast between the scenes took me off guard, as it was all comedy and unrealistic and then it turned serious, it shocked me, as I was not expecting it.

    The form was abstract, musical and comedy as in one scene Cinderella had to pick up branches in the forest, she met the prince, they had a little conversation and she started singing a whole new world, then the prince said ‘Oi wrong song’ ‘huh oh dam I seriously do not still the difference between this fairy tales’. It was a romantic moment, which they turned into comedy it was also abstract as in real life this would not happen. They started singing a song about their feelings while walking towards each other, which was very funny as they were swearing because they did not know why they both felt so hot.

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