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    French, Spanish, and English Colonization Essay

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    The French, Spanish, and English all tried to colonize the Western Hemisphere. The French colonization in America started in the 16th century, and continued through centuries as France created an empire in the Western Hemisphere. They founded most colonies in the east of the U. S. A, and many Caribbean islands. The English were one of the most important colonizers of the Americas, and really had a rivalry against the Spanish. The English began colonizing in the late 16th century and came out on top when all their colonies were built through America.

    The Spanish really conquered most of the Western Hemisphere, their colonization attempts were started by the Spanish conquistadors, It went from Christopher Columbus arriving in America in 1492 and went on for nearly four centuries when the Spanish Empire expanded in most of present day Central America. The English reached it’s peak of gaining land through colonization in the late 16th century, they established many colonies throughout the Americas, they were very important colonizers of Americas, and had advances in military and economic features, though they were rivals with Spanish colonies.

    Even with their success, the English had their problems, their colonization attempts caused a lot of problems to civilizations in America, with their military, they caused cultural disruption, and they introduced many diseases throughout every colony. The English had the most advances in their war strategies with their long history of warfare, just like the Spanish. The French, English, and Spanish have something in common; trade was a huge part in their colonial policies, although the English promoted settlement and development more than the French and Spanish.

    Though the French didn’t have the best military, they were very rich in the trading business. Most of the colonies they colonized were able to export products such as fish, sugar and furs. The French established forts and settlements that are now present day Montreal and Quebec in Canada. The French’s major exploration of America began with the King of France, Francis I. In 1542, Francis sent Giovanni da Verrazano to explore the region between Florida and Newfoundland. They named the land Francesca and Nova Gallia to the land between New Spain and English Newfoundland.

    In 1534, Francis sent out another man with a voyage to explore the coast of these lands. They tried to establish many colonies through North America, but failed, due to weather, disease and warfare between them and European powers. Spanish colonization of the Americas was the exploration, conquest, settlement, and political rule over pretty much all of the western hemisphere, Spanish conquistadors relied heavily on auxiliaries, for their needs of wealth and trade from the Indians.

    The cultures of the Indians who lived in America changed violently when the Spanish colonized their land. The Spanish stuck close to their religion, while the Indians had their own, which caused many conflicts. It finally blew over and the Indians adapted to Catholicism, though some still practiced, and were caught and faced consequences. The Spanish might have not been the most important part of the colonization’s in America, but they sure had a lot of impact on the religion and language. The French, Spanish, and English had many advances and drawbacks during this period.

    While the French had great Military like the English, the Spanish conquered the Indian land with their religion and language, they adapted with the indigenous people of America, unlike the French and English who had many conflicts with them. All colonized great amounts of land and were successful most of the time, although the English dealt with disease more often than the French and Spanish, they also had a great trade and military system. The French succeeded very nicely with their warfare also. Through and through, all of these people did a great job on founding America.

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