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The Color Purple Book Report Essay


The Color Purple

Words: 1959 (8 pages)

1. The main character in The Color Purple is a young black Georgia girl named Celie. She is uneducated and uses a non-standard dialect when writing and speaking. She was born into a poor family. Her mother was ill much of the time, and there were too many children. She was raped by her father,…

The Color Purple – The Struggle To Express Themselves Essay

The Color Purple

Words: 1410 (6 pages)

There is one primordial reason why we do not doubt Europeans have taken the lead in history, in all epochs before and after 1492, and it has little to do with evidence. It is a basic belief which we inherit from prior ages of thought and scarcely realize that we hold: it is an implicit…

Freedom From Racial Barriers In The Color Purple Essay

The Color Purple

Words: 2499 (10 pages)

Freedom from Racial Barriers in ‘The Color Purple’Rape, incest, sex, forced labor, and a little reefer on the side. These are all of the components of a novel by Alice Walker. All of these views are illustrated proficiently in Alice Walker’s third novel, “The Color Purple. ” Each one of these aspects had a lasting…

The Color Purple, Alice Walker Essay

The Color Purple

Words: 1483 (6 pages)

Best known for her Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Color Purple, Alice Walker portrays black women struggling for sexual as well as racial equality and emerging as strong, creative individuals. Walker was born on February 9, 1944, in Eatonton, Georgia, the eighth child of Willie Lee and Minnie Grant Walker. When Walker was eight, her right…

The color purple and Girl Essay

The Color Purple

Words: 955 (4 pages)

  Celie’s first great and enduring female relationship is with her younger sister, Nettie. Such is the bond between the two sisters that when their stepfather threatens to rape Nettie, Celie offers herself in her place. Celie’s life of drudgery and sexual degradation continues into her married life with Albert, a man who she initially…


Alice Walker


Adaptations The Color Purple (1985) · The Color Purple (2004) · The Color Purple (2023)
First published 1982
Genres Fiction · Epistolary novel
Number of pages 304

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