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Social Media and How It Affects Adolescence


Social Media

Words: 967 (4 pages)

In the article “Using Social Media for Social Comparison and Feedback-Seeking: Gender and Popularity Moderate Associations with Depressive Symptoms”, it explains the affect of social media on adolescence, specifically between the ages of 12 and 17 years old. This study questioned if frequent social media usage had positive of negative results on an already critical…

Problem of Internet Censorship in North Korea



North Korea

Words: 1276 (6 pages)

Since Kim Jong-Un took control of North Korea he has made it very clear that he wants to be very isolated from the rest of the world. He has done this by banning the use of internet and social media. This is becoming a problem now because other countries are looking into the lives of…

Review of Experiment in “A Class Divided” Video

A Class Divided


Words: 996 (4 pages)

A Class Divided is a nice video that shows a teacher’s experiment with her students the studies teach us how stereotyping causes students to shift, and how they communicate with the other classes. The video focuses on how stereotyping affects students ‘ perceptions, attitudes and actions and how students (people) within the same group communicate…

Smartphones: The Good and The Bad



Words: 1307 (6 pages)

Research Statement The ability to stay connected and the ease of use has made smart phones an essential part of our lives. With technical innovation, making them functional enough to encompass text messaging, social media, phone calls, internet, and games; we are always connected. At one time smart phones were used for parents and children…

Smartphone Access Control System


Words: 2228 (9 pages)

With the topic on hand about ‘Smartphone access control system, Using smartphones in access control systems is the new buzz in discussing readers and credentials. Electronic access control manufacturers are promoting the various ways that mobile technology, soft or virtual credentials can be used to replace cards. It is not surprising that all are trying…

How Young is too Young for a Smartphone?



Words: 984 (4 pages)

The long overthrown argument “how young is too young for a smartphone” has been thrown back and forth here and there for quite some time but today is the day we settle this question. First of all, we have to understand the statistics of ages using a phone. For example, research has shown that 80%…

Problem of Smartphone Use among Young Children




Words: 903 (4 pages)

Young children everywhere are beginning to get a case of the sticky fingers when it comes to technology, specifically smart phones and devices. Almost everywhere you go you will see the majority of children with smart devices in their hands or within their reach. You will be in a restaurant watching a parent desperately trying…

Negative Effects of Smartphone Use



Words: 1192 (5 pages)

Ever since smartphones were introduced in 2007, they have become an essential part of society, culture, and everyday life. People around the world have become dependent on smartphones for many reasons including increased productivity, entertainment, and connecting with others. They can be very helpful in these senses, but as seen in the article, the negative…

Smartphone History and Its Advantages and Disadvantages


Words: 2634 (11 pages)

Introduction In the past, mobile phones were mostly about making phone calls. They had a number pad, a digital phone book and a pick-up and hang-up button and not much more. Now smartphones offer so much more – they are fully-fledged computers that you can fit in your pocket. They can run programs and games,…

Smartphones Affect Sexuality

Human Sexuality



Words: 1164 (5 pages)

Introduction Tony Reinke’s book, 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You, discusses the various ways smartphones affect the users’ lives by addressing the important topics of increased distraction, the search for approval, becoming the things one likes, the development of loneliness, secret vices, and the loss of meaning as well as time and place. Reinke…

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