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Eddie’s actions Essay (955 words)



Words: 955 (4 pages)

To an audience watching this particular scene when the play first was released in theatres, they would be not only shocked by Eddie’s actions, but also repulsed, because in the early nineteen hundreds, homosexuality was highly frowned upon and seen as a disgusting global epidemic that spread sexually transmitted infections (STIs). To people then, if…

A public life Essay (3906 words)



Words: 3906 (16 pages)

Joseph Papp was the most powerful and infuential man in the American theatre, dominating his world through the force of his own dazzling paradoxical personality. For him, there was no contradiction in the diverse roles he chose to play. An idealist had to be a pragmatist, for how else would he able to bring his ideals…

Women and Men and Public Space: Hilda Rix Nicholas and Henri Matisse in Morocco Essay



Words: 2252 (10 pages)

Negotiating painting in the Soko in Tangier One of the most interesting aspects of Hilda Rix’s painting in Tangier, and one upon which I will focus in this article, is how she negotiated painting in public spaces in Morocco. All painters were subject to some kind of adverse scrutiny in early-twentieth-century Morocco whether they were…

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