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Persecutors in Postsecondary Education


Scarlet Letter

Words: 1527 (7 pages)

From the perspective of a wealthy, white, American citizen, postsecondary education is typically the next step they are expected to take after high school, leading them to a sound and successful career. Emily Tate stated, about seventy-three percent of white Americans enroll in college on to Graduation Rates and Race (Tate). However, from the perspective…

The Scarlet Letter – The Pearl Essay

Scarlet Letter

The Scarlet Letter

Words: 681 (3 pages)

The Scarlet Letter – The PearlPearl: A product of NaturePearl is one of the most interesting and mysterious characters of the novel The Scarlet Letter. One tends to wonder why Pearl is the way she is. Why does she act so strangely and so differently than all the other characters’she acts this way because of…

Scarlet letter- guilty heart Essay

Scarlet Letter

Words: 1081 (5 pages)

A great deal of blood has been shed and many wars have been fought during the history of civilization; however, man’s greatest battle and most formidable enemy is only himself. Humans like to think of themselves as faultless, but sin is inevitable. Mankind is a sinful race; therefore, everyone has sinned. This has been made…

Anyalization of Pearl from the ‘Scarlet Letter’ Essay

Scarlet Letter

Words: 1166 (5 pages)

One of the most significant writers of the romantic period in American literature wasNathaniel Hawthorne. Hawthorne wrote stories that opposed the ideas of Transcendentalism. Since he had ancestors of Puritan belief, Hawthorne wrote many stories about Puritan NewEngland. His most famous story is the Scarlet Letter. This novel tells of the punishment of awoman, Hester…

Scarlet Letter: Pearl Essay (1064 words)

Scarlet Letter

Words: 1064 (5 pages)

Children are, by nature, incredibly sensitive creatures. They can sense almost any emotion an adult might feel just by observing a particular persons body language and facial expressions. Such is the case with the youthful Pearl from the novel The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorn. As the daughter of the adulteress Hester Prynne, the townspeople…

The Scarlet Letter – Sins Essay

Scarlet Letter

The Scarlet Letter

Words: 502 (3 pages)

The Four Sins in The Scarlet Letter Sin is a word that is definetely not universally defined. Sin is relative to a persons religion, or lack there of. Sin also provokes punishment, be direct (by law) or by a moral lesson. Severity in punishment is also conditional to the society in which the sin is…

The Scarlet Letter – Morality Issue Essay

Scarlet Letter

The Scarlet Letter

Words: 734 (3 pages)

The Scarlet Letter – Morality Issue The Morality IssueThrough Hawthorne, the book The Scarlet Letter is written about love, sin, and most of all morals.Hawthorne creates many different perspectives on characters and their views.His vivid descriptions of the main trio of characters allow the reader to make there own decisions on who is morally right…

Symbolism Of The Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne

Scarlet Letter

The Scarlet Letter

Words: 501 (3 pages)

The book The Scarlet Letter is all about symbolism. People and objects are symbolic of events and thoughts. Throughout the course of the book, Nathaniel Hawthorne uses Hester, Pearl, and Arthur Dimmesdale to signify Puritanic and Romantic philosophies. Hester Prynne, through the eyes of the Puritans, is an extreme sinner; she has gone against the…

Discussed Themes Throughout The Scarlet Letter

Scarlet Letter

Words: 1007 (5 pages)

The Puritans, a religious group in New England in the early 1600s, believe in a ‘pure’ interpretation of the Bible and a sinless society, though inevitable in every society. Many Puritans commit adultery along with many other sins. This shows the many external truths about the Puritan society as well as today’s. Many of these…

Scarlet Letter And Sin Essay (570 words)

Scarlet Letter

Words: 570 (3 pages)

Hester Prynne, through the eyes of the Puritans, is an extreme sinner; she hasgone against the Puritan ways, committing adultery. For this irrevocably harshsin, she must wear a symbol of shame for the rest of her life. “On thebreast of her gown, in a fine red cloth surrounded by an elaborate embroideryand fantastic flourishes of…

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Nathaniel Hawthorne




Adaptations The Scarlet Letter (1995) · The Scarlet Letter (1911) · The Scarlet Letter (1934) · The Scarlet Letter (1973) · The Scarlet Letter (1913)
First published 1850
Number of pages 116

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What are three meanings of an in Scarlet Letter?
Three meanings of A in scarlet letter refer to? 1. Adulterer (she had a child out of wedlock) 2. Angel (As a meteor falls, an "A" appears in the sky, Winthrop dies at the same time and the Puritans the puritans think the A means an angel has taken this guy to heaven.) 3. Able (Hester bares her pious suffering with grace and dignity.

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