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Listening in Lectures Essay


Words: 844 (4 pages)

Lectures are the main way of communicating knowledge in the classroom setting, so being able to listen well is an essential to success in one’s education. There are many different techniques that once practiced and mastered, can lead to success. The first step to good listening skills in lectures is to be prepared. By reading…

Listening Essay


Words: 699 (3 pages)

Captivating, stirring, magnetic, interesting, and refreshing are just a few words to describe my professional interview. Richard Luna is an Associate Minister at Pollard United Methodist Church in Tyler Texas. He spends approximately 8 hours a week in formal counseling, and an additional 6-8 hours in unarranged counseling. Reverend Luna has enough collegiate hours to…

Effective Listening Essay


Words: 1395 (6 pages)

Effective ListeningAbstractThe ability to listen well is an important tool for understanding others. Sadly, very few people know how to listen well. In fact, most people can think of only one or two good listeners in their lives. Listening is not simply agreeing – it is much more. Good listeners are able to better understand…

Is Anybody Listening I Mean Really Listening Essay


Words: 1412 (6 pages)

Is Anybody Listening, I Mean Really Listening?”I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen. ” Ernest Hemingway. Often when a misunderstanding occurs, it is attributed to a lack of communication, which most of the time implies that whoever was delivering the message did not do an…

Listening to God’s Voice Essay



Words: 507 (3 pages)

It’s been more than two years now since I’ve entered Ateneo, and in those two years, the Ateneo community helped in molding me into a better person. In Ateneo, we are not simply being taught facts. We are being taught to be man for others, to serve. We are being taught to be leaders, to…

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