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The Contribution of Alexander Hamilton in Reducing America’s Debt

Alexander Hamilton



Words: 716 (3 pages)

According to Wikipedia, Alexander Hamilton, a founding father of the United States, was the first secretary of treasury in the newly formed country. After assuming his position from 789- 1795, Hamilton was faced with an extreme dilemma that continues to affect the US to this day; debt. As secretary of treasury, it was he who…

A Brief Biography of the Navigator, Christopher Columbus

Columbian Exchange



Words: 1560 (7 pages)

Christopher Columbus has been a celebrated hero in America for centuries, so much so there is even a holiday celebrating his discovery of America. Not only is he seen as the person who discovered America by most of the population, he is seen as an Italian American symbol of pride for his accomplishments. Columbus is…

The History of Power Changes in the American Government


United States

Westward Expansion

Words: 1013 (5 pages)

Under the original Articles of Confederation the United States had a great deal of power over their own internal affairs. As a compromise between a strong National government and a system where the states retain most power the founding fathers created a Federal system which balanced powers between the two. In the first half of…

The Great Task of Rebuilding America After the Civil War

Human Rights


Westward Expansion

Words: 675 (3 pages)

The civil war was an extremely important part of american history and was a time where our nation was the most divided as it has ever been. Many factors including the issues of states rights, westward expansion, and most importantly, slavery, were what finally caused the north and south to fight against each other in…

A Severe Test of Characters in Judgement in The Crucible, a Play by Arthur Miller


Salem Witch Trials

The Crucible

Words: 1268 (6 pages)

A crucible is a large heat resistant container used to melt and fuse metals and ores at very high temperatures, thus it is a severe test or trial. In the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller, all of the characters are put through a “severe test or trial” of character and judgment throughout the Salem…

The Importance of the Youth to Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

World War Ii


Words: 2487 (10 pages)

The Youth must have been very important to Nazi Germany and Hitler if Hitler had put such an emphasis on women giving birth. Birth-rate in Nazi Germany was much larger than any other industrial country at the time. These children were very important to Hitler though; it seemed as if he was looking for the…

The History of the Mormon Church in a Positive Light




Words: 1120 (5 pages)

Anson Shupe and John Heinerman. The Mormon Corporate Empire. Boston: Beacon Press, 1985. The discussion of the Church Security Program in this book is under a heading titled “The Myth of Mormon Welfare.” This is of the bat giving the reader a bias of not believing in the Welfare Program installed by the church, and…

A Discussion of the Idea of White Privilege in Society


White Privilege

Words: 1354 (6 pages)

C. Wright Mills tells us in The Sociological Imagination that “the promise of sociology is that it gives us the tools to better understand our own experiences by enabling us to see how those experiences -along with our thoughts, dreams, and aspirations- are shaped by the larger historical moment and by our social location (Mills).”…

The Life, Trials and Success of Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton

Influential Person

Words: 1319 (6 pages)

How does a bastard, orphan, and unfortunate immigrant become one of the most influen- tial men in American History? Alexander Hamilton was a classic case of what “coming up from the bottom’” really means. By putting a pencil to his brain, he worked hard non-stop and rose up the social-political ladder. His persistent effect on…

Hamilton’s Life: A Lifetime Memoriam

Alexander Hamilton

United States

Words: 771 (4 pages)

Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today at Stone Arch Bridge to commemorate the life of our founding father Alexander Hamilton. Even today, this great man’s ideas hold relevance as a living ideology to help solve our government’s problems. “Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything.” This is the most famous saying…

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