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A Personal Statement on My Desire to Serve in the US Army JAG Corps


Personal Statement


Words: 541 (3 pages)

South Korean descent, I am grateful for the opportunities America has given to my family. Despite starting with limited resources when my family first came to the United States some 16 years ago, my parents became owners of two successful small businesses. Their modest success, along with several generous scholarships, allowed me to attend college…

Will Quantum Computers Be the Death of Internet Security: An Outline


Words: 766 (4 pages)

Everything that is done on the internet in today’s world is secured, either by a simple password or a complex encryption algorithm. This makes the data secure and gives privacy and security to people and their data. These passwords or encryption algorithms work because they depend on factoring very large numbers that can take millions…

An Outline of the Sociological Methods for Recording Crime



Words: 1089 (5 pages)

For everyone to know the amount of crime that takes place in society, it has to be reported and recorded. People can report crime either directly to the Police or by using the Crime Survey of England and Wales (CSEW). There are also self-report studies which are used for people to admit to crimes that…

An Outline of Plato’s Theory of Forms



Words: 914 (4 pages)

Plato’s Theory of Forms starts with real material things. He describes how everything we know that is real must eventually decay. Every material object in the empirical world is not permanent. Take a football for example. A football will slowly deflate and when the ball is used it will fall apart more and more until…

Socrates’ Definition of Justice Compared to That of Polymarchus

Definition Essay


Words: 1489 (6 pages)

I will start by saying that I believe that Socrates’ definition of justice compared to Polymarchus’ definition, Socrates’ definition is truer. That is as it would not be just to harm anyone at all. Now Socrates’ definition here is not really what one would call a ‘full’ definition or a final statement, but would rather…

Definition of Monogamy and Polygamy

Definition Essay

Words: 723 (3 pages)

Monogamy used to be defined as a union between one man and one woman, and can now can be redefined as a union between two consenting adult partners (Monogamy, 2008). The first part of this definition is a centuries long tradition that is based on biblical principles, and the new definition is one that I…

America’s Impact on African-Americans’ Definition of Beauty


Definition Essay

Words: 2961 (12 pages)

African-Americans derive their perception of beauty from an industry that does not fully embrace their cultural values. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, beauty is defined as “the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit.” The perceptions of America’s beauty…

Defining the Butch-Femme Scene

Definition Essay


Words: 1084 (5 pages)

Among the LGBT community, there are many different subcultures that have sprung up. Some of them stayed and even reached mainstream media, like drag performance and ballroom culture, while others fade into obscurity. Amongst the lesbian scene, there have been many different subcultures. One of the ones most often seen and associated with them has…

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