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The Erroneous Approaches of Realism and Instrumentalism


Words: 670 (3 pages)

I will explain in the following paper why I believe that realism and instrumentalism are erroneous approaches to science and why empiricism seems to be the more valid approach. I believe that truth is relative to language. The word theory in greek means “to be in front of”. Our science is limited by our language,…

Empiricism and Rationalism Essay


Words: 1025 (5 pages)

Empiricism and rationalism – directions of knowledge of new time The development and substantiation of the methods of scientific knowledge is the main goal of the philosophers of modern times. Two basic methods are formed and on this basis the opposite philosophical directions: empiricism and rationalism appear. Empiricism is a philosophical direction that recognizes sensory experience…

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The Enlightenment Period and Empiricism and Rationalism

Francis Bacon, The Original Thinker of The 17th Century

Empiricism: The Key Principles

Empiricism and The Philosophy of Experience: a Study

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