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Elizabeth Barrett Browning Aurora Leigh An Essay

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Words: 579 (3 pages)

  This bestial image places Aurora outside of the social norm and implies patriarchy’s view of the alterity of the ‘woman artist’. In addition, the image of the horse is a very sensual image. In Jungian psychoanalytic symbolism, the horse is linked with human sexuality. It suggests that women who take up the phallic pen…

How do I love thee by Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Remember by Christina Rossetti Essay

Elizabeth Barrett Browning


Words: 2026 (9 pages)

The two poems are both in the Italian sonnet form, which for many years has provided a tight structure in which poets can explore their ideas. The two poems have both similarities and differences. “How do I love thee” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, explores the ideas of the greatness of love, yet “Remember” by Christina…

How is Love Described in ‘How do I love thee’ by Elizabeth Barrett Browning and ‘Remember me’ by Christina Rossetti Essay

Elizabeth Barrett Browning


Words: 1553 (7 pages)

Christina Rossetti was a strong, passionate poet who put her deepest feelings of love and romance into her writing. Rossetti was born in London but her family were originally from Italy. Christina was the fourth and youngest child of Gabriele and Frances Rossetti. Both of Rossetti’s parents were especially poetic and enjoyed exploring the modern…


Elizabeth Barrett Moulton-Barrett, 6 March 1806, Coxhoe, County Durham, England


29 June 1861 (aged 55), Florence, Kingdom of Italy


Robert Wiedeman Barrett "Pen" Browning


Who so loves believes the impossible.


Literary movement Romanticism
Occupation Poet
Relatives Edward Barrett Moulton-Barrett (father), Mary Graham Clarke (mother)
Spouse Robert Browning, (m. 1846)

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