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The Italian Job: A Comparison of the Opening Sequences



Words: 1879 (8 pages)

In this essay I will be comparing the opening sequences of ‘The Italian Job (1969) and its modern-day remake ‘The Italian Job’ (2003). The original was directed by Peter Collinson and starred famous actors such as Michael Caine. It was a huge success and gained a massive cult following. The remake in 2003 was directed…

Identifying Art Vocabulary Essay


Visual Arts


Words: 510 (3 pages)

Study the above painting, Marizy Sainte-Genevieve, carefully. Based on your analysis, answer the following questions. Write your answers in the boxes provided below the questions. 1. What types of lines has the artist used in the painting?The artist used rough brush strokes to create organic shapes. 2. What are the positive shapes in the painting?I…

Christian Liberal Arts Education


Liberal Arts

Words: 1766 (8 pages)

The education system in America has slowly become narrow and less based upon the liberal arts. Rarely does a person enrolled in a school that will challenge them academically and spiritually. Universities are often only concerned in the employment percentage of their graduating class, and not their students’ mental well-being or whether or not they…

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