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The Wind Rises – Japanese Drama Analysis


Words: 593 (3 pages)

The Wind Rises is a 2013 Japanese animated drama, written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. It is the final film that Miyazaki directed before he retired, and there are several things that he put in the movie that convey that feeling of withdrawal. The Wind Rises is a visually stunning film. It brings pre-war Japan…

Citizen Kane – Textual Analysis Of The picnic Scen Essay

Analytical Essay

Citizen Kane

Words: 684 (3 pages)

e E-mail me if you would like me to do your essays!!!! Directed, produced and starring Orson Welles, Citizen Kane (Welles, 1941), is famous for it’s many remarkable scenes, cinematic and narrative technique and experimental innovations’ (Dirks, 1996). Written by Welles and Herman J. Mankiewicz and filmed by Gregg Toland Kane is classed as a…

Farewell to arms – Bravery Essay


Words: 528 (3 pages)

Bravery is the quality of a person who displays courage and fearlessness in the face of danger. Such qualities show splendor and magnificence in a person. Fear and terror sometimes hinder the determination someone can show. Overcoming this fear is what portrays bravery. In Ernest Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms, Frederick Henry shows bravery by…

Native Son: Characters Essay

Character Analysis

Native Son

Words: 701 (3 pages)

Native Son: CharactersRichard Wright’s novel, Native Son, consisted of various main and supporting character to deliver an effective array of personalities and expression. Each character’s actions defines their individual personalities and belief systems. The main character of Native Son, Bigger Thomas has personality traits spanning various aspect of human nature including actions motivated by fear,…

Inherit The Wind Essay Paper

Inherit The Wind

Words: 583 (3 pages)

Inherit the WindThe play Inherit the Wind was written by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee to inform its readers about the injustice of a law that limited the freedom of an ordinary citizen. This play is based upon the upon actual events that happened to an individual, John Scopes, in Dayton, Tennessee during the…

The Theme Of Inherit The Wind Essay

Inherit The Wind


Words: 260 (2 pages)

In the play Inherit the Wind by Jerome Lawrence and Robert Lee, the theme is that all people have the right to think. One examply that supports the theme is the conversation between Howard and Melinda. While dangling a worm in front of Melinda, Howard remarks, “What’re yuh skeered of” You was a worm once”…

Native Son3 Essay

Native Son

Words: 2522 (11 pages)

A Critical Perspective: Richard Wright’s Native SonRichard Wright marked the beginning of a new era in black fiction. He was one ofthe first American writers of his time to confront his readers with the effects of racism. Wright had a way of telling his reader about his own life through his writing. He is bestknown…

Effective dramatic irony Essay



Words: 806 (4 pages)

Effective Dramatic IronyIn Oedipus The King, Sophocles creates rising action by asking dramatic questions throughout the play. These questions generate suspense in the audience when they become dramatic irony and amplify the climax. During the falling action, Oedipus is engulfed in misery when he experiences a reversal of fortune. Finally, Oedipus goes through a discovery…

A Man for All Seasons by Robert Bolt: More’s Mor Essay

A Man For All Seasons

Words: 705 (3 pages)

“A Man for All Seasons” by Robert Bolt: More’s Moral Dilemma”A Man for All Seasons” by Robert Bolt: More’s Moral DilemmaDuring the English renaissance in the 1500’s, King Henry VIII wants adivorce from his wife for various reasons, but divorce is against the Catholicreligion. This is why he wants Sir Thomas More’s consent, because More…

Greek Drama Essay


Words: 559 (3 pages)

The history of European theater begins with the Greeks, whose annual festivals in honor of the god Dionysus included competitions in tragic and comical plays. According to tradition, the first of these dramatic forms evolved from choral songs concerning the death and resurrection of Dionysus. This occurred about the middle of the 6th century BC,…

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