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Issues Associated with Obama’s Community College Plan




Words: 761 (4 pages)

It is likely that Obama’s community college plan is not going to work out. For one, the Republican-controlled Congress will not support this plan. And the community colleges will have the burden of having to support a large number of students with limited resources. But, there are other ways to make college more affordable. Community…

The Impact of Gender Stereotypes in College Social Life on Social Experiences Among Peers





Words: 1766 (8 pages)

Gender norms affect people with gender differences, and influence others who followour sociocultural norms. Stereotypical appearances separate others who feel they need to present themselves differently. Gender stereotypes are present in college social life and can greatly impact social experiences among peers. Prejudice is seen where those who follow norms are not knowledgeable about others…

Personal Pieces of Advice to College Freshmen




Words: 1412 (6 pages)

As my first semester of college comes to a close, many things come to mind when I am asked to write a letter of advice to next year’s freshman class. I wish I could tell you about everything that went as planned and everything I did right, but what I have learned the most from…

Costing Process of Selected subsidiaries of United Enterprise and Company Limited




Words: 803 (4 pages)

An Internship report submitted in fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Masters of Business Administration from the University of Dhaka Executive Summary The report evaluates costing process of selected subsidiaries of United Enterprise and Company Limited. In doing so, author analyzed the cost structures and taken some interviews of different levels of people…

Schneider Electric: An Emerging Market with Challenges



Words: 523 (3 pages)

We live in a rapidly changing world, especially for global companies such as Schneider Electric. For Schneider Electric, in a short period, they have had to overcome challenging obstacles, remain competitive on the global stage, invest in new technologies, and ensure exponential growth. As a Schneider Electric employee, I know that no one can quickly…

The Role of Scholarship in the National Honor Society





Words: 313 (2 pages)

Of all the most important NHS qualities, such as Character, Leadership, or Service, it is to my reasoning that Scholarship is the most significant and essential. I cannot stress the importance of education, not only in society, but in myself I, in my own opinion, do not have much of a social life. When I’m…

Presidential Scholarship at the College of DuPage





Words: 617 (3 pages)

How do you see yourself in the next 10 years? How would a Presidential Scholarship at the College of DuPage enable you to attain your personal, educational, and career goals, and what difference would you make in your community and in the world? During the course of the next ten years, I will be taking…

Athletic Scholarships Helps Students Reach for Their Dreams





Words: 363 (2 pages)

A college education is very important in todayds society. Now dast in order to make a good living you need to have a college education. Colleges should spend more money on academic scholarships Colleges should not offer athletic scholarships because they take away from the general scholarship funds, they lessen the academic standards, and they…

Diaspora in International Students: Identity Markers for Diaspora

Cultural Identity


Words: 1623 (7 pages)

In order to understand the experiences of diaspora with international students at Sacred Heart University (SHU), it is important to be able to identify the factors that affect, influence and distinguish the cultural identity (country of origin) and the diasporic identity (country of residence). Theories and findings on identity and diaspora in research studies conducted…

Yes, In fact, Your Vote Does Matter

Electoral College

Words: 1223 (5 pages)

It is a long standing belief that a single American vote will not shift difference in any election, Jason Bell’s: “No, Seriously, Your Vote Doesn’t Matter”, argues that one person’s vote will never result in a wave of voting, essentially saying one vote equates to nothing unless said voter convinces millions of citizens to do…

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