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Math and Basketball


Words: 1842 (8 pages)

It was a crazy crowded March day when the Moore County Raiderettes walk the doors under Murphy Center Stadium, to play in the girls high school basketball state tournament. It was something these girls have worked for to get here together every since they were little and it was finally here. As the crowds went…

Rules in Basketball


Words: 641 (3 pages)

Why Shooting Is the Most Important Thing in Basketball? Shooting is definitely the most important thing in basketball. Why? Because when there’s no time left for the players to play, the team with the higher score is declared as the winner of the game or vise-versa. Ball movement, proper execution of plays, moving with-out the…

Gender Inequality in Basketball


Gender Inequality

Words: 1352 (6 pages)

Effort, determination, enjoyment, and suspense are all a part of the game whether you are a man or a woman. Basketball is a popular sport that attracts a large following in the United States and around the world, with more than two hundred nations competing against each other. The sport is becoming increasingly popular in…

Basketball Essay


Words: 1493 (6 pages)

Basketball Basketball was created a simple game. The primary objective was to place a ball, without dribbling, into a peach basket. However, like Darwin’s theory of man, basketball has evolved into the most exciting exhibition of athletic ability. Basketball has seen many rule changes, because of the increasing ability of the players. Basketball is a…

The Changing Face Of Basketball Essay



Words: 1376 (6 pages)

The Changing Face of BasketballBasketball has come a long way since its soccer ball and peach basket beginningsin that its style, players, facilities and leagues have developed dramaticallyand gained tremendous popularity. Salaries have increased from Bob Cousy’sminute $45. 00 a game (Minser 37) to Michael Jordan’s $300,000 + per game(Minser 37). Basketball is a sport…

Basketball in NS Essay


Words: 2790 (12 pages)

Basketball was first introduced to Nova Scotia as early as 1895 but in the past thirty years the popularity of the sport has really taken off. The high concentration of universities in the province, the tradition and esteem of the high school programs, and the continued support from a large and knowledgeable basketball community have…

Leprechauns Dont Play Basketball Essay


Words: 261 (2 pages)

Leprechauns Don’t Play BasketballJanuary 6, 2000Leprechauns Don’t Play BasketballDebbie Dadey & Marcia Thornton JonesLetter #4Dear Mrs. Schafer:The book Leprechauns Don’t Play Basketball, is very good. It is about four kids that are trying to find out if their teacher is really a vampier and if their P. E. sub is really a leprechaun. Howies grandma…

“Ex-Basketball Player” and “To an Athlete Dying Young” Comparison Essay


Words: 388 (2 pages)

Conflicting Attitudes In “Ex-Basketball Player” by John Updike and “To an Athlete Dying Young” by A. E. Housman, each author has a different attitude toward his character. John Updike’s attitude toward his character Flick is of disappointment and pity. “Flick stands tall among the idiot pumps-“(1). He believes that Flick should not be employed at…

Motivation and Division One Basketball Essay


Words: 770 (4 pages)

I have made many changes in my life through the years. One of these changes came when I was a freshman in high school. I grew up playing basketball since I was in the first grade, but I had never really taking the game seriously. I decided that I wanted to be the best basketball…

Why I Love Basketball Essay


Words: 479 (2 pages)

It was early June when my parents sent me to basketball camp that was near Detroit. It was a two week long program that was based on fitness, exersise, and how to play better. There was 5 large buildings, There was 4 dormitories, 1 had a cafeterea, and the gym. When I first walked into…

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Equipment Basketball
First played December 21, 1891. Springfield, Massachusetts, U.S.
Highest governing body FIBA
Team members 5 per side
Type Indoor/Outdoor
Venue Indoor court (mainly) or outdoor court (Streetball)

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