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Managing Air Pollution with Urban Transportation

Air Pollution


Words: 2675 (11 pages)

Abstract: The recent economic expansion along with the population growth experienced in developing countries has had a big impact on the development of large cities like Delhi, India. Accompanied by Delhi’s rapid spatial growth over the last 25 years, urban sprawl has been contributing to increased travel. The vehicle fleet projected at current growth rates…

Analysis of Air Pollution in Beijing

Air Pollution


Words: 952 (4 pages)

Introduction There are many factors that caused the bad smog phenomene in Beijing. For example the automobile usage has been increase in Beijing since 1978, and till 2013 there are over 5 million automobiles registered; therefore, increase vehicle exhaust emissions contribute a good portion to PM2.5 readings. Other important factor is the population, Beijing is…

Air Pollution in Malaysia

Air Pollution


Words: 1223 (5 pages)

Introduction Air pollution is a phenomenon that can cause many problems in Malaysia. It will affect the economic sector and will harm the country income. This phenomena occur from many sources and mostly from the unresponsive individuals. Air pollution becomes a serious issue because it is the factor that contributes to the quality of life…

Significance of Indoor Air Quality

Air Pollution


Words: 656 (3 pages)

Indoor air quality is an important subject because breathing quality air is critical for good health. Most people spend a large amount of time indoors whether at home, work or other types of buildings. These buildings can produce gases, chemicals and other pollutants that can cause many health conditions, such as headaches, eye irritations, allergies…

‘-Statistics about air pollution Essay

Air Pollution


Words: 376 (2 pages)

PM20s (fine pollution particles) England and WA- in England air pollution is killing 10,000 people a year- of 12 nitrogen oxide monitoring sites, 10 exceeded the World Health Organization limits- 1 in every sixteen people in these areas suffers from asthma, almost 17,000 people, not directly related to PM10s,but they do contribute to problemsU. S….

Environmental Air Pollution Essay

Air Pollution


Words: 702 (3 pages)

My views of the environment are rooted in my belief in creation. I do not believe that life on earth began spontaneously, nor do I believe that the earth is so delicately balanced. I dont believe that the earth and its ecosystem are fragile. Many radical environmentalists do, they believe man can come along, all…

Air pollution and the economy Essay

Air Pollution


Words: 619 (3 pages)

Air Pollution is the contamination of the atmosphere by gaseous, liquid, or solid wastes or by products that can endanger human health and the health and welfare of plants and animals, or can attack materials, reduce visibility, or produce undesirable odors. For example: air pollution can contaminate and kill many crops on a farm, it…

Type of air pollution, formed when oxides of sulfu Essay

Air Pollution


Words: 1725 (7 pages)

r and nitrogen combine with atmospheric moisture to yield sulfuric and nitric acids, which may then be carried long distances from a source before they are deposited by rain, is called acid rain This pollution may also take the form of snow, fog, or a dry form of precipitation. Acid rain is currently a subject…

Air Pollution Essay

Air Pollution


Words: 1558 (7 pages)

Short and long air pollution essays in English for college students Air pollution is an extremely urgent problem in the modern world as nobody can skip its influence. We breathe the air every second of our life and even do not think how polluted it is. The worst thing in this complicated situation is that…

Air Pollution in the Los Angeles Basin Sample Essay

Air Pollution

Los Angeles


Words: 3216 (13 pages)

Budget Travel Magazine late conducted a study to place the top 10 most popular travel finishs in the universe. Amongst metropoliss including Paris. Rome. and Tokyo stands Los Angeles at figure six. Surprising? To locals possibly. but a bulk of the universe views Los Angeles as a glamourous metropolis ; place to Hollywood. famous persons….

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What are the good things about air pollution?
However, there may be some small advantages to air pollution:
  1. Air pollution helps plants grow Guess what our factories and cars put in the air? Nitrogen.Theoretically, putting more nitrogen in the air might actually cause plants to grow more.
  2. Air pollution slows climate change Some pollutants we put out heat up the Earth, like carbon dioxide. But pollutants like sulfur actually keep our planet cooler.
  3. Air pollution keeps polluted cities cooler in the summer
What is air pollution and its causes?
The following are some of the origins of air pollution:
  1. Emissions From Factories and Industries- Industries and factories pollute the air by releasing large amounts of carbon monoxide, chemicals, hydrocarbons, and other organic substances.
  2. Fossil Fuel Combustion- Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen are produced when fossil fuels such as oil and coal are used for electricity and road traffic.
  3. Waste Production- Methane production in landfills is usually to blame.
Which country has the worst air quality?
5 Countries With The Worst Air Quality
  • 1. Bangladesh Source: Avg. µg/m3: 83.30 Population: 166.368.149 Capital: Dhaka ...
  • 2. Pakistan Source: Avg. µg/m3: 65.81 Population: 200.813.818 Capital: Islamabad ...
  • 3. Mongolia Source: Avg. µg/m3: 62.00 Population: 3.121.772 ...
  • 4. Afghanistan Source: Avg. µg/m3: 58.80 Population: 36.373.176 ...
  • 5. India Source: Avg. PM2.5 in µg/m3: 58.08 Population: 1.354.051.854 ...

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