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Why People Near the Sea Have Less Psychological Problems?


Words: 423 (2 pages)

For most people, when it is time to have a rest, they want to live near the sea; when it is time to have honeymoon, they want to visit near the sea; when it is time to have a holiday, they want to play near the sea. Why is so many people choose that? A…

Adversity in Adolescence 


Words: 2323 (10 pages)

Adolescence is a period of time where youth are beginning to mature mentally and physically. Teenagers start to try and “find themselves”, typically straying away from their parents in order to make their own decisions and mistakes. Adolescence is a time of development and lessons. With making mistakes and learning, problems can emerge during this…

Adversity And Prospects Of Tourism In Jammu And Kashmir


Words: 3515 (15 pages)

  Acknowledgement This Term Paper consumed huge amount of work, research and dedication. Still, implementation would not have been possible if i did not have a support of many individuals . Therefore I would like to extend my  sincere gratitude to all of them. I am highly indebted to Dr. Umar Habib for his guidance…

Oral Health Problems


Words: 1932 (8 pages)

Abstract The present essay deals with the occurrence of oral problems and diseases in persons affected by Thalassemia. First of all, the geographic occurrence and the prevalence of Thalassemia will be expounded, and the medical background will be highlighted. In addition, the phenotypic manifestations and variations associated with the disease are considered, especially against the…

Contemporary Problems


Words: 756 (4 pages)

We may differ in caste, creed, colour, sex and language but except equality among ourselves. Nature is the universal thing we all have in common. It’s our duty to protect us and future generations. Environmental problems differ across various regions in the world. We took one from polar region: Sweden and other mixed climatic region…

Students Adversity


Words: 1528 (7 pages)

Pittsburgh is the huge city with so many Universities and colleges. Students all over the world fly here to study in the field of medical and robotics. Because of many students coming here from different states their tuition increase almost twice much more than the students from here. These students have to take a tremendous…

How to Get Through the Tough Times of Running a Business 


Words: 686 (3 pages)

From today’s perspective, a business enterprise can face diversified setbacks like stiff competition, sudden recession, and extreme pandemic scenarios like the recent Coronavirus, which can adversely affect the entire operations. These hostile conditions can prove detrimental to the reputation, resources, and overall business functionalities of the small to mid-sized and even large scale enterprises. Therefore,…

Potentials in Adversities


Words: 555 (3 pages)

It has been in the darkest time when people fully developed their potentials; it has been in the most urgent situations when people stay instinctive to deal with the changing circumstances. Roman poet Horace once asserted that people develop their hidden talents only in adversity instead of non-turbulent conditions. While some argue that it is…

Adversity Essay



Words: 690 (3 pages)

" A man of character finds a special attractiveness in difficulty, since it is only by coming to grips with difficulty that he can realize his potentialities." -Charles DeGaulle This quote couldn’t more true , even at the age of seventeen my life has been riddled with Adversity Essay. Everything from major health related problems…

Courage In the Face of Adversity Essay



Words: 693 (3 pages)

In most of the world’s greatest literature, there have been introduced countless courageous characters and triumphant victories. These characters have the power to father strength from distress and grow brave by reflection. Such characters as Janie from Their Eyes Were Watching God, Gatsby from The Great Gatsby, June from The Joy Luck Club, and Edna…

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How do we overcome adversity?
How To Overcome Adversity:
  1. Adopt a good attitude.. Overcoming difficulties is easier when you have a positive attitude. When faced with...
  2. Use your sense of humor.. Finding humor in difficult circumstances can help you cope with them. Of course, finding a...
  3. Anticipate and prepare for problems.. It is easier to deal with difficulties if you prepare for them.
Why does God allow adversity?
God Allows Adversity For Three Reasons: 1) To get our attention 2) To lead us into self-examination 3) To bring us to a place where we will change our belief or our behavior I. God Uses Adversity To Get Our Attention In a lot of ways we are just like students in a classroom when it comes to listening to God.

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