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    Foreign worker in malaysia Essay

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    The presence of foreign workers is one of the most critical issues confronting the Malayan building market. as the increasing building work which requires important man-power. Most of the workers come from neighboring states such as Indonesia. Bangladesh. the Philippines. Nepal. Myanmar. Vietnam and India. What causes the increasing Numberss foreign workers in the building sites? The causes for the inflow of foreign workers in Malaysia is the locals prefer to work in the office. deficiency of chance for calling promotion and the building work is unattractive to the locals. One of the causes act uponing the inflow of foreign worker is because the locals prefer to work in the office. Locals prefer to take employment in a comfy environment like air conditioned mills and office which offering white neckband occupations.

    They prefer easier occupations. In add-on. working in building sectors require worker to work long hours. For illustration. working long hours on dark displacement is portion and package of a figure of occupations in building sectors. Reports from the Labour Department exhibit indicate that many of the locals are non able to make this because they have household and other societal duties to carry through. Hence. less local takers for the building sectors. Furthermore. the causes for the deficiency of locals working in the building sector is locals perceived that the working status in the building sector is really hapless. The hapless image of building industry such as absence of occupation security and hapless direction. Another ground is the deficiency of chance for calling promotion in the building concern causes local diminution to fall in this sectors.

    Nowadays. it is excessively common for local immature coevals to analyze until Penilaian Menengah Rendah ( PMR ) degree and even Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia ( SPM ) . With greater entree to better and higher instruction. more and more Malaysians today are able to acquire a good instruction and have become skilled workers. For illustration. whenever a station alumnus pupil finished survey. they all waiting for their occupations offer and they expect a high category occupation that suits their criterion. So the non so high category occupations are taken over by foreign workers. The higher instruction degrees makes local choose non to work in building sector. Therefore. the local young person in general perceived that building sector are soiled. unsafe and take downing. One other ground for the inflow of foreign workers in Malaysia is that the building work is unattractive to the locals.

    Working in building sectors is considered as unskilled and humble occupations. Most of the workers in these sector are making unskilled occupation and it is non surprising that many locals find working in these sector as unattractive occupations. Furthermore. the building sector is instead demanding. Other than that. unattractive wages besides makes the locals choose non to work in building sector. Merely few locals would desire to work in the building sector due to low rewards for high hazard occupations because locals expect to be paid high wage and less physical activities.

    Department of Statistics and Ministry of Human Resources shows that figure of labour force has increased 6. 3 per cent from 10. 24 million in 2003 to 10. 89 million in 2007 while Statisticss from Immigration Department of Malaysia shows that foreign workers in Malaysia continued to increase from 2001 to 2007. Indonesia accounted for the highest figure of registered foreign workers in Malaysia at 50. 9 % followed by Bangladesh was 2nd highest. accounting for 17 % of the entire foreign workers in Malaysia. Nepal at 9. 7 % . Myanmar 7. 8 % . India 6. 3 % and Vietnam 4. 2 % . In decision. the building sectors need to earnestly research avenues to pull local to come in the building industry by bettering the image and working environment and this implies offering competitory rewards and benefits. improved work safety processs and transfusing sense of pride in building sectors.

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