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    Fletcher’s 6th grade Energy Test Review

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    Term Definition
    Nuclear Fission The splitting of an atoms nucleus
    Nuclear Energy The energy that comes from the splitting of atoms
    Infrared Radiation Heat waves
    Kelvin Scale The temperature scale that shows absolute zero
    Petroleum Fossil fuel that comes from the fossilized remains of tiny marine organisms
    Mechanical Energy The total sum of potential and kinetic energy combined
    Radiant Energy The energy that travels from the Sun to the Earth
    Celsius Scale The temperature scale that has the boiling point of water at 100 degrees
    Calorie The amount of heat energy needed to raise teh temperature of 1g of water 1 degree C
    Temperature The measure of the average kinetic energy within a substance
    Potential The stored energy of position, chemical bond or shape
    Kinetic The energy of motion
    Convection The spread of heat energy by making fluids expand and rise
    Hydro Electric energy The type of energy produced when falling water spins a turbine
    Chemical Energy The type of energy stored in the bonds within food and batteries
    Destroyed Energy cannot be ______
    Turbine A spinning tool used to produce electricity
    Conduction Heat energy spreading through things that are touching
    Transformed Energy can be _______
    Nonrenewable energy Energy resource that is used up faster than it is replaced
    Absolute zero The point at which all molecular motion stops
    Coal Fossil fuel that comes from fossilized swamp plants
    Geothermal Energy Heat energy that comes from the Earth's interior
    Thermal Energy Heat energy
    Radiation Heat energy that spreads out by electromagnetic waves

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