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    Over the years, MTN Swaziland has been known for efficiently providing a good telecommunication network to Swazis. The network you provide is very helpful to the Swazi community and in addition to that, the products that you offer are second to none. As you all know that a new competitor has entered the industry, the game has to change. New and better products have to be introduced especially with the continuously and rapidly changing technological environment.

    We have reached an age whereby technology rules the world. Even though some may disagree but it is the honest truth. With changing technology, businesses especially in the telecommunications industry have to up their game. The speed and affordability of every network is now key to the demise or survival of a telecommunications company. In addition to that, there is a continued increase of companies joining this industry not just locally but also globally. Competition in the telecommunication network industry is going global. MTN Swaziland too cannot afford to sit back and watch but has to join in, and indeed, you lived up to your expectations and introduced the new 4G wireless router into the market.

    A wireless router is a device that wirelessly directs traffic flow between networked computers through radio wave technology. 4G simply means a fourth generation of a broadband cellular network technology succeeding 3G. Now, the new 4G wireless router is basically used to provide both temporary and fixed wireless internet access in locations that are unable to receive conventional broadband network. This means that they are ideal for creating a mobile broadband Wi-Fi hotspot connection where there is no fixed line. This new product is used simultaneously with data sim cards. Providing this product to the market is a big step towards living up to the challenges of the dynamic nature of the technological environment especially for MTN Swaziland.

    On the bad side of things, a lot Swazis do not have any idea about this product especially those in rural areas where there is minimal use of newspapers. This is problematic because almost three quarters of the Swazi population live in those type of areas so the customer base for this product is now smaller. To counter this problem, promotional roadshows should be used. Going to the rural areas and teaching those Swazis about the 4G wireless router is going to make a big difference. Looking at the type of media used to promote the product, changing it to more of radio advertising and television advertising can be helpful too. A large number of Swazis listen to the radio especially the news bulleting so getting a slot at around that time will be very effective.
    There is also the price factor. The price of the product is a little bit higher for Swazis especially after considering the minimum wage of a working Swazi citizen. MTN Swaziland has been in the industry for a long time and Swazis have been using their network, taking every price that has been thrown at them but with new competition, that has changed. Swazis are now becoming more price sensitive and this may greatly affect the success of this product. To counter this problem, aggressive advertising may be used or maybe include promotional packages within the product like free data but still keep the same price. This will help reduce price complaints within the target consumers.
    As I have said earlier, there is a new player in the Swazi telecommunications game and they have come in with ridiculously low prices for their products. Swazis are now questioning MTN’s network provision and the prices. They feel like MTN has been ripping them off over the years and they are leaving the network to join the new competitor. This can be countered by constantly reminding them about new products offers, like the new 4G wireless router. This is about repositioning the MTN brand in the minds of Swazis. There are also those loyal Swazi customers who never left, I feel like those should be given a token of appreciation and that will lead to a positive word of mouth amongst Swazis. As it has always been said, positive word of mouth is the best thing that can happen to any business especially customer-wise.
    There are some few parts of Swaziland that do not have high quality network coverage, but the 4G wireless router is the answer to that problem as it has the ability to work in those types of conditions without any problem. Compared to other products, the 4G wireless router gives the user a high-speed internet access, which is what many Swazis wants. It is also easy to set up due to the fact that it is wireless meaning there are no cables required between machines for it to work.

    This product definitely changes the whole complexion of the industry in terms of competition so it should be promoted in a way that makes it even more efficient. As your slogan says, Every Where You Go, the 4G wireless router will be everywhere you go around Swaziland.

    NAME: Simelane Thami
    Student ID: 153949
    Course Code: BUS 322

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