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    Example of Injustice – ‘of Mice and Men’ Sample Essay

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    How is what happened to George and Lennie in Weed an illustration of unfairness. and how does this foreshadow the terminal of the novel?

    Throughout the fresh ‘Of Mice and Men. we learn a batch about unfairness and racism. ‘Of Mice and Men’ is a fresh set on a spread in Weed. California during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Social unfairness is when a individual or a group of people feel they are better than the people who are different by race. intelligence. age. sex. or other differences. In the novel. no 1 gets treated reasonably and tonss of people were affected by societal unfairness. Curley is a great illustration of unfairness ; he is ill-mannered and average towards Lennie merely because Lennie is a wide adult male. Curley doesn’t like work forces that are larger than him. so he singles out Lennie and attacks him. ‘No large son-of-a-bitch is gon na laugh at me. I’ll show ya who’s yella. ’ Curley besides shows great unfairness towards his married woman ; he’s ever out looking for her like she has no right to travel anyplace by herself – ‘You seen a miss around here? ’ Besides we find out that Curley beats his married woman which now a yearss would be illegal but back so cipher truly cared. Another good illustration of societal unfairness is Crooks. Crooks has to be entirely all the clip because he is black. ‘Maybe you better travel along to your ain house now’ When Crooks tells Curley’s married woman to go forth his room. she threatens that she can acquire him lynched.

    This reduces Crooks to a large heap of nil and crushes Crooks dreams of traveling to the dream farm. He merely responds with a series of yes ma’am ‘s and so becomes beyond depressed. George and Lennie had faced a great trade of unfairness throughout the novel. Lennie being one of the chief characters in the book besides suffers from one of the heaviest illustrations of unfairness. Lennie is large. strong. and mentally ill. He does non recognize his ain physical strength. and hence he invariably becomes a victim of it throughout the book. When he starts being picked on by Curley. he doesn’t cognize what to make. Curley choices on Lennie because he is large and Curley isn’t. therefore Curley is covetous of his size and invariably shoots him down. Curley doesn’t understand what’s incorrect with Lennie and how he doesn’t cognize how to contend back against him and even if Curley did cognize what was incorrect with Lennie. he likely wouldn’t hold cared – he still would hold used Lennie as a tool for taking his choler out on.

    Another instance of unfairness against Lennie is when he’s being hunted down for the slaying of Curley’s married woman. Although Lennie was the 1 who killed her. Curley and everyone else don’t recognize that he ne’er meant to ache her. Slim. George and Candy are the lone 1s who know what has truly happened. but they don’t tell the truth cognizing that no 1 will listen to them anyway which demonstrates deficiency of justness and regulations. In this essay I have pointed out some of the chief illustrations of societal unfairness in California in the 1930s. these show us how different it was back so from what it is now. It leads us to the sad stoping of the novel where Lennie gets changeable thanks to his mental unwellness and the unfairness he had to confront because possibly if there were certain regulations. Curley and others wouldn’t travel to run Lennie down and George wouldn’t have to hit his friend in order to forestall him from a slow and painful decease. Maybe Curley would seek to work out the job lawfully and Lennie wouldn’t have lost his life due to a error and a misinterpretation.

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