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    Evaluating Strategy and Performance in British Petroleum Essay

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    Best Practise Approach is a cosmopolitan set of HR patterns which when applied to an Administration, improves public presentation ( Beardwell & A ; Claydon, 2010 ) .

    Resourced – Based View Approach is concentrating on the internal resources of an Organisation under different signifiers of competition ( Boxall & A ; Purcell, 2003 ) .


    After the oil spill in April 20, 2010, BP decided to follow new schemes to better safety such as:

    Improve Performance and Reward: BP would mensurate public presentation and wages based on safety, soundless running and operational hazard direction ( Pfeifer, 2010 ) .

    New Leadership: Leadership was cited to be indispensable to better BP ‘s industry safety record. “ Until safety is driven from the top and non merely from HSE section, the necessary alteration will non go on ” ( Askeland, 2010 ) .

    Bettering Safety Culture: BP is making a “ new safety division with the authorization to supervise and step in in the company ‘s operations around the universe ” ( Wong, 2010 ) .


    Reflecting on HR theoretical accounts, BP appears to be following ‘best tantrum ‘ attack in bettering public presentation and wages ; bettering safety civilization via ‘best practise ‘ attack and deploying ‘resource-based ‘ position attack for new leading.

    Therefore, it can be deduced that BP adopted ‘best tantrum ‘ attack based on administration scheme and associating this to HR scheme of improved employee public presentation. In add-on, BP adopts ‘best practise ‘ attack in making a safety section thereby associating sets of HR practises to better public presentation of BP operations. It can besides be deduced that ‘resource-based ‘ attack was adopted by internally naming a new leader to better public presentation.

    Newly appointed BP CEO, Bob Dudley gave a address on 25th October, 2010, that BP will “ larn from and use best pattern attack in the administration ” ( Wong, 2010 ) .Does this suggest BP is following Best Practise?

    Disadvantages of ‘best practise ‘ are its sheer diverseness, weak corporate issue of work administration and employees ‘ voice ( Boxall & A ; Purcell, 2003 ) .

    Disadvantages of ‘best tantrum ‘ are employees ‘ involvements are overlooked, some houses are good all arounder so HR patterns unlikely to be based on one scheme, deficiency of edification in description of competitory scheme ( Beardwell & A ; Claydon, 2010 ) .

    Disadvantages of ‘resource-based ‘ position are: it focuses on internal context of the concern, ignores value and significance of common baseline features across industries ( Beardwell & A ; Claydon, 2010 ) .

    1.4 BP ‘S HR ISSUES

    BP ‘s HR issues identified are: no hazard rating, deficiency of employee ‘s voice, hapless preparation on safety processs, hapless leading, deficiency of corporate civilization, and hapless public presentation direction systems ( Campbell, 2007 ) .


    From the above, the importance of HR theoretical accounts alining to BP ‘s scheme is imperative as it facilitates betterment of Organisational public presentation. This ensures appropriate HR theoretical accounts are synchronized to concern patterns therefore increasing chance for successful implementation.A Furthermore, an administration may take to use one or more combination ( s ) of HR theoretical accounts to accommodate specific demands. For case, an Administration might follow ‘best practise ‘ attack towards bettering public presentation. This invariably may germinate and aline itself to the human resource scheme, therefore stoping up as ‘best tantrum ‘ approach.A

    Section 2A


    2.1 Introduction

    The ground for the pick in this country of human resource activity in British Petroleum is due to the designation of hapless Performance Management System. The essay aims at analyzing public presentation measuring of BP leaders, what attack should be implemented and how public presentation direction will assist the forces achieve high degree of organizational public presentation.


    Performance Management is a procedure which enhances the “ effectual direction of persons and squads ” to accomplish high degree of organizational public presentation ( Armstrong & A ; Baron, 2005 ) .

    Performance Management is a system which relates to every facet of an administration set in context of its “ human resource policies, manner, civilization and communicating systems ” , and by deduction will change from one administration to another ( Armstrong & A ; Baron, 2005 ) .

    Armstrong and Baron argue the rule value of public presentation direction is to give a holistic apprehension about the aims, and an attack in efficaciously fostering and taking people who will guarantee that it is achieved ( Beardwell & A ; Claydon, 2010 ) .

    CIPD Fact Sheet on Performance Management ( Cannell, 2010 ) , states it should be:

    “ Strategic ” – it is about broader issues and longer- term ends.

    “ Integrated ” – It should associate assorted facets of the concern, people direction and squads.

    And it should integrate:

    Performance Improvement- for Organisational effectivity.

    Training- unless there is uninterrupted professional development of forces, public presentation will stagnate.

    Behaviour Management- forces should be encouraged in a manner that encourages better working relationships.


    The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was one of tremendous proportions with far making effects within the part.

    Based on The Wall Street Journal, between 2007 and 2010, BP in a command to increase net income borders cut 7500 occupations and trimmed one million millions of dollars off their operational costs. As a consequence, in 2008 there was an addition in net income border of $ 25.6 billion and a evaluation of being the 2nd largest oil company ( Hershman, 2010 ) .

    Furthermore, BP had experienced bad lucks in Texas and Alaska refineries in 2005 and 2006 severally, and spent a sum of $ 1.5 billion to turn to both catastrophes ( Hershman, 2010 ) .

    Using the safety metric as a yardstick for rating, BP surmised both refineries were bettering ( Hershman, 2010 ) .

    Deducing from Hershman ‘s study, BP used safety and profitableness as prosodies for public presentation rating.

    Harmonizing to Hershman ( 2010 ) , a federal regulator suspects that BP chose the incorrect prosodies. Can we hold to this?

    Another attack is to reexamine the prosodies and postulate assorted scenarios that may hold led to misjudgement on the portion of BP ‘s direction when measuring the aforesaid prosodies.


    Managerial Esteem: This could ensue inA direction concentrating onA public presentation indices that have a direct impact on awards and benefits due to the direction squad at the hurt of cardinal aspects/ indices within the overall corporate scheme. In the instance of BP, safety was measured in the refineries by the figure of workers injured ( Anderson, 2007 )

    Myopic vision: This is a potentially volatile situationA that arises when a direction squad gives precedence to an facet of the concern program ( normally Turnover and Profit borders ) over and beyond other facets ( safe working conditions, safe Acts of the Apostless ) .In the instance of BP, it cut costs to fuel growing above all, viewed safety as a waste of money and misled regulators ( Dugan, 2010 ) .

    Egoistic motivations: A This isA whenA a direction squad decides to mensurate from its point of position, instead than the worker ‘s position. This normally arises when there is non an all-involving treatment withA all stakeholders prior to crystallising the concern program. From BP ‘s point of position, low figure of workplace incident certifies a high degree of safety, but the workers worked 12-hour yearss at a stretch for a month on the Texas refinery, but that does non turn out they were being safe ( Hershman, 2010 ) .

    Nonchalance: This likely is the worst inadvertence of all. A state of affairs in which the direction squad is non punctilious in following through on all the ‘quality control ‘ cheques within the several facets of theA concern program. BP executives considered safety measuring a precedence, their failure to suitably mensurate safety public presentation could hold been as a consequence of carelessness ( Hershman, 2010 ) .


    2.4.1 Cardinal PERFORMANCE INDICATORS ( KPIs )

    Businesss use cardinal public presentation indexs to mensurate advancement towards specific and merely supervise tendencies associated to corporate activities ( Baldauf, 2010 ) .

    Harmonizing to Parmenter ( 2007 ) , KPIs represent a set of steps concentrating on those facets of Organisation public presentation that are most critical for the current and future success of the Organisation. KPIs are used to guarantee that information is collected and interpreted ; besides indicates where farther betterment and resources are required ( Marr, 2006 ) .KPIs will be effectual in an Administration if limited to ten ( 10 ) harmonizing to the 10/80/10 regulation ( Parmenter, 2007 ) .

    In visible radiation of this, BP should benchmark with top oil and gas companies whose primary aim is safety. Kuwati Petroleum Corporation is a top oil and gas company whose primary aim is safety. Safety is driven in this Administration by continual probe of hazards, extinguishing them and being good prepared to cover with efficaciously at early phases to minimise their impact ( Al-Zanki, 2008 ) .BP should follow Kuwati Petroleum Corporation best patterns, comparison against them, present them, modify where necessary into their Administration ( Parmenter, 2007 ) .

    BP should follow the proactive attack utilizing taking indexs which are prognostic of future public presentation consequences such as Numberss of review performed. Laging indexs can besides be used in the company ‘s communicating to supply an overview of public presentation such as trailing of hurt statistics ( Baldauf, 2010 ) .

    Harmonizing to Morrison ( 2009 ) , illustrations of KPIs BP can follow to better safety public presentation are:

    Number of safety reviews in a month

    Percentage of staff with equal occupational wellness & A ; safety preparation

    Number of non-conformance with legal criterions to safety review

    Number of reportable accidents per month

    Sum of hours in safety and wellness preparation in the month

    Percentage of fatal accidents relative to all accidents

    Number of Zero Injuries in a month


    In visible radiation of the foregoing, it is imperative to province that the instance of BP is non irreclaimable. It merely requires a metempsychosis in sketching the motivations of Performance Management from First Principles.

    Performance Management by nature should be a strategic, incorporate program that incorporates public presentation betterment, forces development and pull offing behavioral forms as these impacts on every aspect of the Organisation with regard to human resource, civilization and communicating systems ( Cannell, 2010 ) .

    Using this as a background for treatment, BP should germinate a corporate image that would non merely deliver the perceptual experience in the eyes of the clients but finally extenuate the likeliness of a reoccurrence of catastrophes in such magnitudes that have plagued the Organisation in the yesteryear.

    For intents of this essay, the tools to effectual public presentation direction to assist the leaders in BP present their scheme are laid out into seven cardinal stairss which have been derived from the theoretical account of Performance Management Components as seen in Fig 2.4.2:

    These stairss are:

    Evolving a Corporate end at Managerial degree: This entails a elaborate lineation of activities, in relation to the occupation which encompasses the company ‘s purpose in footings of public presentation and corporate civilization. On this premiss, BP should re-invent itself by stressing on the successful civilization they have to day of the month and germinate a scheme for forestalling and covering with such catastrophes in the foreseeable hereafter. This can be articulated into a mission statement ( Cannell, 2010 ) .

    Evolving an embracing declaration on public presentation and development: This is an off-shoot from cardinal measure above as it affords BP an in agreement benchmark for rating of public presentation in relation to put ends ( e.g. net income borders, technological polish of Operations etc. ) and where time-related or financial parametric quantities are non applicable, so agreed public presentation criterions have to be adopted ( e.g. Conformity to HSE ordinances, Oil industry related on the job criterions ) ( Cannell, 2010 ) .

    Communication: It is imperative to guarantee effectual communicating throughout the Administration by associating the aims of the single constituents within the group. This will affect a well laid out chart of mutualities between the assorted concern sections clearly demoing the functional and public presentation relationships that all add up to accomplishing the ends of BP ( Armstrong, 2006 ) .

    Guaranting all stakeholders understand their functions: This is really critical in puting the phase for engagement by both employees and direction forces to the Organisation ‘s ends and aims. BP Leaders should concentrate on this as it is common topographic point to happen unsettling voices and belittling behavior forms amongst employees that do n’t hold a sense of belonging within the Organisation ‘s broader concern scheme. This constantly makes the vision simple for all involved and easier to run with ( Armstrong, 2006 ) . Harmonizing to Hansen ( 2006 ) , employees perform safely when functions, duty and relationahips are good defined and aligned to the administration.

    Training and Development: This ensures each person is equipped with needed accomplishment and ability to run into their contractual duties within the BP corporate scheme. It will hold to travel beyond single preparation on relevant work sets which in itself are good nevertheless ; a broader development plan should be evolved with a position towards guaranting Organisational capableness of the BP group ( Armstrong, 2006 ) .

    Ensure uninterrupted reappraisal and feedback: This would assist extinguish complacence on the portion of forces by incorporating such reappraisals into the full corporate scheme. It is extremely likely that a cohesive and good structured Organisational Chart with a series of cheques and balances will observe any issue early plenty and pull upon exigency systems merely in clip to forestall tremendous catastrophes similar to that in the Gulf of Mexico ( Cannell, 2010 ) .BP ‘s employees would execute safely if prosodies measured do safety an of import step of their public presentation ( Hansen, 2006 )

    Wages: The non-financial wagess such as counsel on calling waies, range to develop accomplishments and chances to accomplish are longer permanent and more powerful impact than fiscal wages ( Armstrong, 2006 ) . BP should honor staff based on safety public presentation and competency as this would promote occupation battle and advance committedness ( Hansen, 2006 ) .






    Figure 2.4.2: Performance Management Five Key Components: Beginning: ( Anon. , 2001 )

    Section 2B


    Leadership: For Performance Management to be effectual, Organizational members must accept it, believe it is worth the clip and be motivated to utilize it ( Pulakos, 2009 ) .

    BP Leaders should acknowledge that safety requires a conjunct attempt by everyone, from brotherhood and non-union to direction ( Hansen, 2006 ) . Therefore, success depends, foremost on the top direction support for the public presentation direction system ( Pulakos, 2009 ) .

    MEASUREMENT AND REWARD: BP Leaderships should utilize prima safety indexs with lagging incident steps to make a composite metric, which would enable employees and directors to carry through safety ends and to supply a scorecard to mensurate their success ( Hansen, 2006 ) .

    Based on this measuring, BP Leaders can honor employees and directors on first-class safety public presentation. A cardinal rule of honoring employees and directors is to associate it straight to public presentation ; this will take to motive. However, fillips must non go a everyday that employees and directors regard them as merely another entitlement ( Anonymous, 1997 ) .

    Communication: BP Leaderships should follow an effectual communicating system, informing employees on the clear outlooks, planning and assemblage undistorted feedback on safety ( Hansen, 2006 ) . However, if BP employees are voicing similar concerns about the new public presentation direction system, a great trade of good will should be generated to turn to the issue. This will demo employees that their determination are taken into consideration and therefore take to motive ( Pulakos, 2009 ) .

    Training: Harmonizing to Pulakos ( 2009 ) , employees and directors need to be able and motivated to carry on public presentation direction efficaciously. Thus, developing aids to carry through both of these aims. BP leaders should develop their staff on safety utilizing the schoolroom preparation attack as this gives room for feedback, training and development procedure. An advantage of utilizing the same preparation content for both directors and employees is that the same information on safety will be received and this can increase trust in how the system should be implemented.

    However, another position is that BP should develop staff at major measure of the public presentation direction procedure as this can be done at different point of the twelvemonth instead than a full twenty-four hours developing prior to the execution ( Pulakos, 2009 ) .

    RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION: Harmonizing to CIPD, Talent direction is a critical tool which should be aligned to public presentation direction. Talent direction is placing, developing, prosecuting and deploying persons with high potency who are of peculiar value to the administration ( CIPD, 2009 ) . Therefore BP should enroll the endowments of persons who would do a difference in the public presentation of an administration based on dependability and cogency choice trials. This is an indispensable procedure as this will guarantee the right people with the right accomplishments are at the right topographic point at the right clip ( CIPD, 2009 ) .

    360 DEGREE FEEDBACK: BP Leaderships should implement utilizing the 360 degree feedback to acquire public presentation information of employees and directors from their co-workers, supervisor and clients ( Pulakos, 2009 ) . The feedback provides a perceptive about the accomplishments and behaviors desired in the Organisation to carry through the ends ( Kermally, 1997 ) . This will assist increase BP ‘s persons self consciousness and the engagement of the people at all degrees of the Organisation. This reappraisal system helps better communicating and public presentation.


    In visible radiation of the foregoing, it would look obvious that there is non a standardized solution that sufficiently addresses Performance direction as KPIs differ from one administration to another. Furthermore, edifice on the premiss that Performance Measurement is a uninterrupted procedure, its success is hence to be hinged on finding, dedication and uninterrupted reappraisal through which Organisations can ever measure the efficaciousness of their chosen prosodies and non merely do alterations ( where necessary to guarantee ends are being met ) but besides set higher criterions and ends to guarantee the Administration is at the highest degrees of public presentation.

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