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    Essay About The Black Suffrage

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    It was summer night when radiations of the sun met the shores of the Alabama. Andrew was the oldest son of his family and faced the burden of meeting the needs of family. Andrew 21 years old an African-America guy lacked basic education due to his poverty. He worked in the farm and paid very low wages by the white farm owner. Conditions of work were tough as the boy was beaten on completing work on time. wages paid were not enough for meeting necessities of the entire household.

    Andrew witnessed the black suffrage and struggled for supporting his family. Conditions of other blacks were not different from him as many young boys had the only employment of working at the farm. Farm life was tough and conditions were rough. The black labor had entered into the bondage and was not allowed to quit jobs. Andrew with other black members in his group talked about the harsh labor conditions and also shared his desires of living a better life. Story of every young black guy was quite similar because all were longing for freedom.

    One of the major conflict in Civil War 1861 was the tensions between the southern and northern states. the war caused deaths of around 4.2 million people. South was largely dependent on the black slaves who were responsible for growing crops and also boosted agriculture. The large-scale economy in south was due to the contributions of the black labor.

    African Americans as struggled against the racial prejudice. History highlights the miseries and efforts of the forefathers of Africans who irrespective of their sacrifices gained no freedom. The period of civil war displays black men in a terrible situation fighting to claim their land as whites deny accepting them as Americans. It confers the belief that the challenges faced by the black people are results of social inequalities and discrimination. The history shows the deeper impact of racial prejudice on him as he himself belonged to the low economic status.

    Personal life experiences of the author influenced him to talk about race. Black activists criticized the role of Africans who rejected their black identities when they find it as a problem. Blacks witnessed systematic flaws in the American society and how it affected the lives of black people. They were victims of the dichotomized identity of the black people labeling them as a problem and stigmatized it as a legacy of oppression. Civil war captures the issues of oppression and liberation representing America as a secular and sacred state. The social inequalities made realities unfavorable for the Africans resulting their deprived status. He also created black characters that showcased Africans earning low wages that minimized their survival opportunities.

    Segregation in the urban cities, economic disparities and poverty support his ideology of social injustices. Civil War focused on the poverty and low- status of the black population, limiting their chances of growth. War was related to race, treatment and quality of life. The black people suffer the burden of negative social forces including racism and classism. Harsh realities faced by the Africans throughout history influenced the later generations. White supremacy remains one of the conflicts that reveals white people used their status to exploit black and their rights. Whites exhibited emotions of fear, hatred, doubt and distrust towards black citizens. The racist attitudes of the whites resulted in diminished humanity among blacks affecting their existence and all aspects of lives. Civil war led to a conflicting situation between South was against the idea of ending slavery.

    Primary source used for examining the role of Civil War and conditions that led to war is Foner’s book “Give Me Liberty!” The book has examined the role of great black activists with encouraged blacks to participate in war. Civil War presented the idea of abolition of slavery that provoked black people to stand for their rights. Foner explains that the purpose behind war was to remove disparity between Americans based on their races. Africans continued to suffer the repercussions of segregation. They were surviving in harsh conditions and their children lacked rights to education. The author mentions, “the Civil Rights Bill, was described by one congressman as “one of the most important bills ever presented to the House for its action” (Foner 457). This reflects that the focus of war was to demand equality.

    Author states, “equality before the law was central to the measure—no longer could states enact laws like the Black Codes discriminating between white and black citizens” (Foner 457). Blacks were encouraged to remove the black codes because it resulted in their disadvantage. Author mentions “the amendment prohibited the states from abridging the “privileges and immunities” of citizens or denying them the “equal protection of the law” (Foner 457). The source identifies the causes and aftermath of Civil war.

    The issue of inequality and injustice raised in the source will challenge Andrew to take a bold decision that could be against his moral values. Major ethical dilemma experienced by Andrew was to break his bondage and run from the farm life. Although he contracted to work for the farm owner until he desires but the conditions were inhumane. Andrew realized that he could have better opportunities for improving his life if he leaves the farm. His desire of escaping the farm and his morals obligation to fulfill contract results in ethical dilemma. Andrew believed that one must stay loyal to his owner and keep his words. Escaping from the farm life would be immoral because it will cause breach of the contract. Second moral issue faced by Andrew was that his decision of staying at farm would result in his own miserable state. By working on farm he would not be able to meet the requirements of his family and it will fail him as a son and brother. The character undergoes ethical dilemma and struggles to choose for the right decision.

    The character responded to the moral dilemma by focusing on the injustices of the farm life. The character analyzed the situation and determined who his choices would impact his future. Privileged attitudes of white Americans are visible in increasing economic inequalities, institutionalized racism leading to intensified political partnership and disparities between working class and upper-class-discrimination faced by the African Americans results in cultural tensions as they suffer adversities. Unequal employment opportunities still represent the devastated states of the black people.

    Majority of the black people manage to get low-level jobs that influence their careers and futures. The character realized that the treatment of the farm owners is immoral and inhumane. SO it would not be unethical if he breaks the contract and escape farm life. He also realized that if he lives in the farm he and his future generations would continue to suffer the repercussions of oppression and slavery. Andrew examined the impact of his actions and how it is influenced by morality. He realized that by accepting farm labor he would act immorally because accepting violence is also wrong. Andrew realized that both acts have some moral implications so he must choose the one which exhibits high morality.


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