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    Essay about My Parent ‘s Parenting Style Essay

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    My Parent’s Parenting Style As I reflected on my parents and their child rearing style, I thought of an event in the New Testament. The story in John 21 tells us that Peter and several of Christ’s disciples went fishing after Christ’s death and Resurrection. They fished all night and caught nothing. Christ appeared on the shore in the morning, provided a miracle by filling their nets again, and nourished them with a meal He prepared and with His teachings. Christ calmly took care of what was important to His disciples and gently reminded them of his high expectations for them.

    (Holy Bible, 1979) My parents raised me in a similar Christ-like manner. They provided me with my needs and wants; they nourished me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I would classify both Christ’s example and my parent’s parenting style as authoritative as defined as “parenting that fosters a positive emotional connection with children, provides for regulation that places fair and consistent limits on child behavior, and allows for reasonable child autonomy in decision making.” (Hart, Newell, & Sine, 2000)Boundaries I feel that my parents established boundaries that match Dr. Steinberg’s advice, “Be involved, but don’t suffocate your child with your presence.” (Steinberg, 2004) As a young child, I remember playing with my siblings and neighborhood friends in the backyard all afternoon.

    My dad turned one of our tin sheds into a playhouse with 3 windows, the big sliding doors, and many of our toys; it was our playroom. My mom was inside cleaning, canning, sewing, and doing what moms do while we had the freedom to rule the backyard. We had the freedom to work out fights, make fun of one another’s jumpiness during the afternoon summer thunderst. .000) My parents effectively acted sermons through their parenting. I knew education, the Gospel, hard work, and service were important because of the lives they led.

    Based on Dr. Steinberg’s idea that “…your child is going to have to be able to make responsible decisions and follow through on them with confidence and self-assurance,” (Steinberg, 2004) I would declare my parents style as effective. Legacy As a mom, I have seen that my parent’s style has influenced mine. In fact, I do some of those things I said I never would. I try to be authoritative, because not only is it “the parenting style most consistent with the Proclamation, scripture and what prophets have taught,” (Hart, Newell, & Sine, 2000) it feels the best to me. I have seen the blessings that have come to my life through my parent’s style and example and I want similar blessings for my children.

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