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    Essay About Information About the Food

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    Do you know everything about what you eat? Are you really sure about your food being safe for your body? There are many dangers in the food industry and many people don’t even know it. Places that we love keep nasty secrets about their food and what it contains but why? Don’t we all have a right to know? Would you want to know what toxics it could contain? Keep reading to find out the positive about knowing what is in your food to keep you safe.

    We consume a lot of food everyday and we just seem to trust whoever we get it from. Although food may still taste the same, there could be many things different. Studies have shown that people who buy foods don’t really know what it really is. Many fast food places use substitutes in their foods. For example, mcdonalds apple pie uses potatoes instead of apples. Did you know that? Fast food restaurants are very bad at providing information about the food they serve because they don’t want people knowing what they really use in it. Somethings may be uncommon to be allergic to in a rare case but it is always known to happen. Did you know that the tacos from Jack N The Box isn’t really meat? It is actually soybeans. Soybeans are used by many places for substitutes sometimes a substitute for meats. Imagine if it was your first time at the fast food chain, and you eat something you do not know about. You can easily get sick and not even know what you ate.

    Places like McDonald’s can be risky eating at sometimes. Yes the food can be good, but is the food really what it says it is. There has been research done stating that a burger from McDonald’s isn’t actually true beef. If you go an buy a chile can some can say that there are no beans in it bt end up having them. For this reason we deserve to know what’s in our food. Not knowing what’s in the food we eat, a lot of other problems can happen, for example someone can be allergic something in the food and the ingredients didn’t say it included what their allergic to. For that, they have an allergic reaction and almost die.

    Owners have gotten pretty savvy at using words to trick consumers into thinking they are buying something healthier than they really are. A product may be labeled whole-grain but upon further investigation one will find there are still many artificial and unhealthy ingredients mixed in with a whole-grain. A fruit snack may claim to contain 100% real fruit juice but what is not written in bold on the front of the box is all the sugar and artificial ingredients that outnumber the 100% fruit juice.Many companies have created low fat or fat free versions of their products fooling consumers into thinking they are making a healthier choice by lowering the fat content. Often times by removing the fat content artificial ingredients are added to maintain the flavor and/ or consistency, making these low fat and fat-free choices unhealthier than the full fat version

    Middleberg particularly mentions soy protein isolate (SPI) as a substance you should steer clear of. Primarily found in processed foods, it’s a far cry from its plant-based relatives and has no nutrition value since the soybeans used to make it were engineered to isolate the protein.

    The government mandates food labeling not based on safety, but on whether there is a “material” change in the food that consumers should be informed about. Under this standard genetically engineered foods clearly merit labeling. Genetically engineered crops contain novel bacterial and viral genes never seen before in food. They are so novel that biotech companies have been granted dozens of patents on them.It is past time that American consumers gain the same right to know enjoyed by the citizens in the 60-plus countries that have mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods.

    We may know that our food is actually all natural beef but how do we if it isn’t tested for bacterias. No person wants to eat sausage thinking it is like pork or beef but it actually isn’t . when you are making food we sometimes like to know what we are eating. If we eat a sausage we would like to know what kind. We don’t want to eat a bird sausage because some people love birds. I know people who are against eating their favorite kind of animal. My cousin refuses to hunt deer or eat deer. She was at some restaurant and it was a sausage plate. They did not state the kind of sausage. When she was done she was telling her waiter how great it was. The waiter told her it was deer sausage since they are allowed to hunt deer. After that horrible incident she became vegan. Yes it can be very uncommon to now know what is in your food but it could be a positive.

    Do you ever wonder why certain fast food places food is so good but when you try to cook it, it comes out worse. I know some people try to make burgers just like your favorite food places. But why does it never come out the way you anticipated. McDonald’s burgers can taste so good but it is really beef that you buy from a store.

    I want to make a petition that allows fast food places to tell us, their customers what is really in their food. Do we really want to know that, no we don’t. But if we did things could be so much better. We could not be so much addicted to the food we eat. Let’s find out what kind of things we are really eating instead of being in the dark. Us people should have the right to know what we are eating. Yes restaurants mostly have all natural food. Sometimes they can lie but most of the time mes the food is mostly natural since it is cooked right away.

    So join the community and help us fight for what we deserve and we can show that yes we could stop going there but we want to know what exactly we are eating.

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