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    Entrepreneurship and its Effect on Economies Essay

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    In the words, of Mr. Narayana Murthy ( Infosys ), In the current scenario of altering economic tendencies, in footings of: Technology, Innovation, Capital formation, Global competition, Quality consciousness, Proactive administration, Creative coactions, Customer reign, Knowledge based working and specialisation – Entrepreneurship is the lone manner of work outing economic issues by creating/generating new wealth ( lawfully and ethically ).

    “ Entrepreneur ” is a complex and subjective term, which is hard to be restricted within the parametric quantities of a individual definition. Different personalities/groups perceive the term otherwise, and still pull off to cover merely a part of the enormousness of this term.

    “ An Entrepreneur, in a well a individual advanced economic system, is an person who introduces something new in the economic system – which may be, a method of production, non tested by experience in the subdivision of industry concerned, or a merchandise which consumers are non yet familiar with, or a new beginning of natural stuff or of new markets and the similar ”

    Joseph Schumpeter.

    A lay-man may mention to an enterpriser, as a laminitis who sets up a venture or an person who operates a new enterprise/venture and assumes the answerability for the built-in hazards.

    Peter Drucker provinces, that an enterpriser is the 1 who, hunts for alteration, responds to it and exploits it by airting resources to chances.

    Harmonizing to Webster ‘s lexicon, an enterpriser is an single, who organizes, manages, and assumes the hazards of a concern or endeavor. Entrepreneurs live in the hereafter. They have originative personalities, are advanced, and thrive on alteration.

    Britannica defines, enterprisers as persons who bear the hazard of opening a concern in the face of uncertainnesss about future conditions.

    In economic footings, Entrepreneurs are major subscribers in employment coevals, national income, dispersion of economic growing, and balanced growing of the Economy.

    In selling footings, enterprisers are the 1s who innovate, form capital, identify and assemble inputs of land and labor, set an organisation into gesture, bear the hazard involved, and manage procedures with appropriate accomplishments and abilities.

    In the modern position, enterprisers are persons who undertake the hazard involved in puting up and running a concern venture and assume duty of utilizing the available factors of production expeditiously and efficaciously to increase and excite productiveness and outputs, in the procedure of placing chances offered by the prevalent market state of affairss and conveying alterations refering to the chances identified.

    O’Reilly, Brian. “ What it Takes to Get down a Startup. ” Article 4: 26-28

    Features of an Entrepreneur:

    It is justly said, that different calling watercourses require different sets of attitudes and skills/attributes to win.

    For case, Policemen must possess the basic properties of good physical fittingness and bravery of confronting danger, whereas, Graphic interior decorators must be original minds and originative people with an artistic head.

    Similarly, enterprisers, excessively, must possess the undermentioned characteristics/traits to win:

    Goal directed Opportunism ( Jack Dorsey, Twitter )

    Drive for Independence and Internal Motivation ( M.S. Oberoi, The Oberoi Group )

    Committedness and Perseverance ( Steve Jobs, Apple )

    Assurance and Optimism ( Ratan Tata, Tata Motors )

    Motivational and Social Skills ( Dheerubhai Ambani, Reliance )

    Ability to accept alteration and failures ( Henry Ford, Ford Motors )

    Hazard pickings ( Larry Paige & A ; Sergey Brin, Google )

    Leadership/Managerial Skills ( Ray Kroc, McDonalds )

    Multi-tasking ( Vijay Mallya, United Beverages/Kingfisher )

    Courage and Persistent Energy ( Azim Premji, Wipro Technologies )

    Dingee, Alexander, Brian Haslett and Leonard Smollen. “ Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneurial

    Management Team. ” Article 11: 71-75

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    Resources for Entrepreneurs & gt ; Start a Business & gt ; Traits of an Entrepreneur & gt ; Article “ what it takes to go an enterpriser ”

    Resources for Entrepreneurs & gt ; Start a Business & gt ; Traits of an Entrepreneur & gt ; Article “ features of successful enterprisers ”

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    hypertext transfer protocol: // ( & gt ; fiscal inspiration cafe-famous entrepreneurs-success narratives )

    Other character traits of import for an person to be a successful enterpriser are:

    Futuristic View/Far-sightedness

    Global Position

    Cardinal Values – Integrity, Honesty, Respect, Dignity, Reliability.

    Decision devising and Problem work outing ability

    Ability of soul-searching

    Scope of betterment

    Willingness and ability to larn

    Self Competence


    Realistic Mentality

    Emotional Stability/Objective Approach


    Dingee, Alexander, Brian Haslett and Leonard Smollen. “ Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneurial

    Management Team. ” Article 11: 71-75

    Judith L. Glick-Smith, “ Successful Entrepreneurs ” – reissue from INTERCOM, the magazine of the Society for Technical Communication. Arlington, VA U.S.A.

    ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

    Self Analysis with regard to Entrepreneural Characterictics:

    My Strengths:

    I am really froward. I truly like to be challenged in my occupation, and I merely want to larn every bit much as I can in my place. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours I need to be able to look back on my twenty-four hours and experience good about the occupation that I ‘ve done. I guess one can name it a sense of ego worth. That ‘s why I ever put my all into everything I do.

    Following are a few of my strengths that I feel strongly about:

    Social Skills

    ( through willingness and ability to larn and accommodate with Flexibility and Effective inter-personal communicating accomplishments )

    This strength helps me grasp new developments rapidly and adjust myself to alterations and new state of affairss, which are frequent in today ‘s of all time altering universe of engineering sweetening. Besides, it helps me work good with all sorts of people and develop a really strong connect with my work confederations and opposite numbers.

    For case, while working for Zodiac Clothing, my range of work involved looking into the organisation ‘s concern in the Northern part of India, which required me to cover with assorted Branch Managers and Dealers within the part. It was of import for me to maintain my personal ends aligned with those of my opposite numbers and the organisation. My societal accomplishments helped me sail swimmingly through this, as I could pull off and over-achieve the given marks by nearing my counter parts with a friendly attitude, that helped flexing their vision lucifer mine, and brought glare of work automatically!

    I have ever believed that simply pass oning, without substance will non assist. And this belief of mine, made me analyze the market/industry, I was runing in, in-depth and gain equal cognition, so as to discourse in volume and deepness about the undertaking at manus, which improbably helped in alining the personal and organisational ends, to accomplish integrity of action in one way!

    The importance of this personality trait/skill can be understood by the unrecorded illustration of “ Andrey Ternovskiy ” ( the 17 twelvemonth old Founder of the widely popular yet improbably simple website – “ ChatRoulette ” ) who had to convert his household with his people accomplishments to believe in his thought of concern, despite his age, and invest in it, to acquire the undertaking turn overing!

    hypertext transfer protocol: //

    Self motivated and determined

    This strength keeps me “ diligently focused ” on my short term every bit good as long term ends in life/work, and keeps me traveling towards my purpose.

    Bing at a responsible place in my old organisation, Team handling and direction was an of import facet of my occupation profile in the selling sphere. Performing good gave me pleasance, and for that I had to be a ego motivated squad leader for my subsidiaries, and I did everything it took to acquire the work done expeditiously. My interior motive to stand out in work, made me thoroughly analyze the market and its kineticss, which helped me command my squad more efficaciously. Besides, traveling outbound off the organisation work construction, I managed by subsidiaries and kept them on the spell, with a friendly touch of authorization, giving them the freedom to execute their manner, but show consequences! Keeping the squad motivated for executing good would hold been a hard undertaking in the given concern environment, had it non been for my interior motive to execute under any fortunes. Through this strength, I managed to present a profitableness hiking of 150 % to the organisation, in a market that had no chances of allowing the trade name prosper within itself!

    My strong self-motivation is inspired by “ Mark Zuckerburg ” ( The laminitis of Facebook ) – who was non the kind of individual who needed a foreman hawling over his shoulder to stay on a undertaking and perform. He was superb plenty to hold conceived the thought of the undertaking while he was still graduating. But, it was his interior motive that helped him originate work on the undertaking, while following his rigorous agenda as a pupil at the Harward university. He demonstrated stone solid internal motive, by non merely covering with the demanding class at the university, but besides developing a groundbreaking societal platform and doing it go on for existent!

    hypertext transfer protocol: //

    hypertext transfer protocol: //

    ( & gt ; fiscal inspiration cafe-famous entrepreneurs-success narratives & gt ; Mark Zuckerberg 5/14/1984-internet-facebook ) ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

    Natural Leader/Manager with strong belief in “ Team-work ”

    Abilities to prioritise ; program work, manpower, accomplishments and resources ; form ; multitask ; assume and distribute responsibilities and duties and larning from past experiences… come of course to me as personal traits… which help me efficaciously and expeditiously manage squads by esteeming the abilities of every person, understanding that everyone has different positions about undertakings and work undertakings, in a several squad!

    This strength of mine gave me the maximal support, while I was seeking to construct up my place in Zodiac Clothing. When I was deployed the northern part of India, U.P. was the most formative market for the industry which was least productive for the trade name. To speed up concern in this market, I had to get down from abrasion, maintaining my inner motive integral for effectual operation of the squads under me, and advancement towards trade name development in the part. As, my first precedence towards the end, I developed informal ties with my subsidiaries within the part, so as to understand their single strengths/skills/capabilities and capitalise on them by administering smaller parts and undertakings to them, to look after, consequently. I managed seting the right human resource at the right topographic point for the right undertaking at the right clip, which, non merely helped in giving a encouragement to the trade name from all corners, but besides helped me and my squad to accomplish marks beyond outlooks in this part.

    My Weaknesses/Areas of Improvement:

    Following are some of my failings that I have identified to work on and better:

    Lack of Doggedness

    ( in footings of High sensitiveness to failure – sometimes )

    This failing of mine sometimes reduces my capacity to get by with Failures temporarily but however, it makes learn from the errors made and retrieve them for future. I am larning to persist through failures, with the “ ne’er, ne’er, ne’er give up ” attitude, taking penetrations from the Live illustrations of “ Henry Ford ” and “ Steve Jobs ”, whose attempts demonstrate doggedness far better than any other enterpriser.

    Henry Ford – the Founder of Ford Motor Company – who found the company in 1903 after two failed efforts. Despite losing on two concern ventures, Ford managed to get down up the car venture with 11 investors, which produced the most popular auto of America within a decennary of its start-up.

    hypertext transfer protocol: //

    hypertext transfer protocol: //

    ( & gt ; fiscal inspiration cafe-famous entrepreneurs-success narratives & gt ; Henry Ford 7/30/1863-4/7/1947-automotive-ford ) ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

    Steve Jobs – the Founder of Apple – was publicly thrown out of his ain company at the age of 30. Contending his tattered ego regard and ideas of self-destruction, Steve regained his calm by handling the jobs that came his manner as a portion of the bundle and went on to set up 2 other successful companies, “ Following ” and “ Pixar ”, with his will and determination to be successful once more. With the success of these ventures, he was requested to acquire back to Apple and rescue the company from the threshold of extinction.

    hypertext transfer protocol: //

    hypertext transfer protocol: //

    ( & gt ; fiscal inspiration cafe-famous entrepreneurs-success narratives & gt ; Steve Jobs 2/24/1955-computers-apple ) ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

    Lack of Courage

    ( with regard to affirmatively and assertively saying a point, despite higher weightage to Trial than Success )

    This frequently proves to be a failing in today ‘s environment of cut pharynx competition and marks… but my belief that “ attempts towards towards the end must be made, whatever be the consequence be ” stands tall. I consider this belief of mine as a strength that helps me pull off my squad better, but in the corporate universe, it at times lends me unfavorable judgment and weakens my morale. This unfavorable judgment leads to discouragement, which frequently prevents me from pressing frontward on my idea/vision on the strength of my finding. I frequently lack bravery to reject societal force per unit area, while seeking to construct something genuinely outstanding. To last, in the concern environment, I am seeking to get the better of this failing of mine, and look up to “ Larry Paige ” and “ Sergey Brin ” and “ Azim Premji ” for the same.

    Larry Paige and Sergey Brin – Laminitiss of Google – took the determination of wholly run outing out their recognition cards and bank histories, in order to fund the nascent undertaking, when they were get downing work on Google. Their determination attracted a batch of negativeness and unfavorable judgment from the equals and household, but the two showed true bravery in seeing the undertaking through to the billion dollar imperium it is today.

    hypertext transfer protocol: //

    hypertext transfer protocol: //

    hypertext transfer protocol: //

    Azim Premji – Chairman, Wipro Technologies – was called upon to manage the household concern, due to the sudden death of his male parent, at the age of 21. At the first one-year general meeting of the company attended by Azim Premji, a stockholder doubted his ability to manage concern at such a immature age and publicly advised him to sell his shareholding and give it to a more mature direction. This spurred Azim Premji and made him all the more determined to do Wipro a success narrative… which he did, by transforming and diversifying Wipro from a Company covering with hydrogenated cooking fats to a innovator in supplying incorporate concern, engineering and procedure solutions on a planetary bringing platform.

    hypertext transfer protocol: //

    hypertext transfer protocol: //

    ( & gt ; Indian enterprisers life & gt ; Azim Premji )

    ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

    Low Profiled on Hazard pickings

    I ‘m a safe participant who believes in taking cautious stairss towards a peculiar end. I prefer taking the path with minimum hazard involved, despite the fact, that I know that I might free on net incomes by non taking the needed hazards. The success narrative of “ M.S.Oberoi ” instigates me to take hazards and earn net incomes in return, but the right chance is still waited by me to take the appropriate hazards.

    M.S. Oberoi – Laminitis of the Oberoi group of Hotels – risked all he had to get “ The Clarkes Hotel ” from his wise man Mr. Clarke, by mortgaging his married woman ‘s jewelry and all his assets. This trade, for which he risked wholly he had, fetched him adequate concern and financess, to take over The Grand Hotel, Calcutta within half a decennary and have a significant figure of other belongingss in less than two decennaries. He besides, took the hazard of using adult females in the Hospitality industry, when the environmental in the Indian economic system was non really Broad. With his hazard pickings and hazard direction abilities, he is justly called the male parent of Indian cordial reception industry!


    hypertext transfer protocol: //

    hypertext transfer protocol: //

    ( & gt ; Indian enterprisers life & gt ; M.S. Oberoi )

    ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

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