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    Egg Drop Sample Essay

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    The aim of our undertaking was to plan and construct a appliance that would procure an egg from interrupting upon impact from a 2nd narrative window. and the appliance wieghing every bit to the lowest degree as possible while falling the fastest. We wanted to plan something that would supply a batch of buffering straight to the egg. and besides provide excess padding to weaken the impact. After proving and subjecting a design of merely bubble wrap around the egg we found out that it will non be allowed. Due to this we had to do alterations in order to derive originality pionts and add to the creativeness. After chew overing for a few proceedingss we came up with the thought of seting the egg in a container of some stuff with padding. and so wrap the container in bubble wrap. This suttle alteration was plenty to derive originality points and led us to the edifice phase.

    During the edifice procedure we were strapped for stuffs. until we made a much needed trip to the shop. At the house we tried to utilize a plastic ball and H2O to procure the egg before wrapping it in the bubble wrap. After failure we tried other stuffs but they ne’er made the testing phase dues to riddance. We went to breeze through hardware to look for stuffs that would keep the egg firmly without interrupting it. After seeking for a piece and rubing out thoughts we found a two inch PVC pipe along with two one and a half inch trial stopper that are H2O tight. At this point we still had the H2O thought to keep the egg inside the tube. To maintain the wieght down we used cotton balls inside the tube to maintain the egg from coming in direct contact with the difficult plastic. but alternatively with the soft cotton. With this thought secured we took ot to the testing phase. After wrapping the egg in cotton and procuring it in the plastic pipe we wrapped the pipe with bubble wrap a twosome of times by cutting up a two by three foot sheet of bubble wrap. This was so dropped from a 2nd narrative balcony on concrete. after the unwrapping we were happy to happen out that the egg survived.

    In category on Friday we dropped our appliance. and this clip after undoing we were unhappy to happen out that the egg had been cracked. Since we thought that medium eggs were being used alternatively of big. we constructed our undertaking around the medium egg. The big egg was to big to suit in the pipe and could non be wrapped in cotton. so the egg was in direct contact with the difficult plastic sides. Since we thought this was the ground our egg had broken. we consulted with Mrs. Lovin to see if we could do alterations. After her great genourosity of allowing us convey in our ain medium size egg and redropping our design Tuesday we agreed. Since the medium egg is significantlly smaller we were able to wrap the egg with cotton before infixing it into the plastic pipe.

    After dropping it we were glad to happen out that the egg did non interrupt merely as the trials had proved earlier. If I could alter something about the undertaking I would hold used a bigger pipe. in order to suit big eggs. and seek to utilize stuff that wieghed less. We new that all the stuffs would fall at the same velocity. but by adding the excess weight we thought it would assist it fall the excess hundreths of seconds in order to acquire a faster clip. Time was more of import than wieght because it was worth more points but we did non anticipate to hold the 2nd heaviest design in the category. To reflect back on the undertaking I was excited our design worked and thought our design and success reflects our difficult work.

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