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    Education Systems in English Speaking Countries Essay

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    All five countries have three-tier education – primary education. Secondary education and tertiary education. Also in all these countries exist such level of education, which runs before primary school and can be named as “Early childhood”.

    In KGB it is called as nursery education (ages 3-4), in USA – Pre-schools (ages 3-4), Pre-kindergartens (ages 4-5) and Kindergartens (ages 5-6), in Australia -? Kindergartens (ages pre_ schools, Kindergartens and Preparations (ages 4-6), in New Zealand is also such institutions as Play Centers, in Canada – Junior Kindergarten (ages 4-5) and Grade Primary or Kindergarten (ages 3-?6). The Primary Education The primary education in Canada and LISA ;s also called Elementary.

    In New Zealand and Australia primary education begins at the age of 5-6 and ends at the age of 12-13, in Canada – from 6 10th year old, in KGB – from 4 to 11 year old, but USA elementary education differs greatly, because begins at the age of 11-12 and ends at he age of 13- 14. The Secondary Education In Britain. High school is known as secondary school regardless of whether it is state funded or private. High school is mostly an American English expression. s is Junior high school. In Brat. N secondary school is for students age 1 1 – 16. In America high school is for students age 14 ; 18. Before high school students spend three year in junior high. In Australia children spend years in secondary school. As in New Zealand and Canada. It is interesting. Hat each level of education in the UK has varying requirements which must be satisfied in order to gain entry at that level.

    The Higher Education The students of all English Speaking countries after finishing secondary school and passing all examinations may attend Colleges, Vocational schools, Polytechnics and private Tertiary Institutes where they receives Graduate Diplomas or universities to take searcher’s, Master’S Or Doctor’S degree, Compulsory education is different in the English-speaking countries: I) The ELK hillier have to legally attend primary and secondary education Which runs from about 5 years Old until the student IS 16 years Old; 2) The ages for compulsory education in USA vary by state.

    It begins from ages 3 to 8 and ends from ages 14 to 18: 3) All provinces and territories of Canada provide universal, free elementary and secondary schooling for 12 years, with the exception of Quebec where It is for 11 years. Education ;s compulsory to the age of between 15 and 18.

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