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    Divorce Bill Reactions Sample Essay

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    MANILA. Philippines – Amid heated arguments on the Reproductive Health ( RH ) measure. lawgivers are puting their sights on another dissentious step: the divorce measure. Talking on ANC’s “The Rundown. ” Cavite Congressman Elpidio Barzaga says the evidences for divorce are stated in the step are excessively flexible. “There is no proviso on how long these conditions are bing before the parties in the matrimony can avail of divorce. ” Lawgivers have identified several evidences for divorce: when the married twosome has been separated for five old ages de facto and rapprochement is extremely unlikely ; the twosome has been separated for two old ages before registering for divorce ; when the evidences for legal separation ( unfaithfulness. psychological incapacity and unreconcilable differences ) are present ensuing to an irreparable matrimony.

    Barzaga says divorce would non beef up the state and may merely take to headlong matrimonies. “We have a constitutional authorization necessitating the protection of the household and province every bit far as matrimony is concerned. Harmonizing to the framers. in order to hold a strong state. we must hold a strong household. and it’s necessary for the province to solidify the household. advance its entire development and show the holiness of the Filipino household. ” “If we allow absolute divorce we may ensue in headlong matrimony. Our want for holding a strong household will non be realized if we allow divorce in the state. Divorce would non beef up but in fact will destruct the household. ” Barzaga adds. Baseless frights

    But former Gabriela party-list Representative Liza Maza says. the fright that most married twosomes will avail of divorce is baseless. “Divorce is an option for matrimonies sing irreparable dislocation. This is non for happy matrimonies. ” Maza adds that a step supplying divorce as an option would. in fact. guarantee the endurance of problem-ridden households. “A strong household marked by force violates the holiness of matrimony. ” “Tayo na lang Po Air National Guard bansa na Hindi nagpapahintulot sa isang sensible at angkop na solusyon sa mga sitwasyon na kung saan na hindi na talaga kailangang pagsamahin dad Air National Guard mga relish nang Hindi magsama. ” Maza says. A losing conflict?

    Barzaga believes the divorce measure may be in for a losing conflict. “The statement in Congress is. in all likeliness. this measure will non be approved in Congress because the married womans of the congresswomans will be ordering to their hubbies non to vote ‘yes’ to this measure. ” he says. Maza now urges lawgivers to look at the virtues of a culture-sensitive divorce measure. designed to turn to contemporary worlds. “If we look at the study of the Solicitor General. from 2001 to 2010. there’s a 40 % addition in the figure of those who filed for revocation. “It’s clip to hold a dispassionate position and expression at the virtues of the proposal. The measure has serious concerns it wants to turn to. With legal separation the twosome can’t remarry… With psychological incapacity. you have to turn out it’s nowadays at the clip of the jubilation of matrimony. These legal redresss are deficient. that’s why the measure is presenting divorce. ” Maza says. “Pag naayos natin ito. we will value marriage more Hindi yung parang naglalaro lang. ” A Social Weather Stations study taken from March 4-7. 2011 shows Filipinos are already divided on the issue. with half of the population ( 50 % ) in favour of divorce for legally-separated twosomes. 33 % opposed and 16 % open.

    MANILA. Philippines: The Philippines Congress has started a het treatment on a controversial divorce jurisprudence. The House commission on alteration of Torahs kicked off its treatments on the dissentious divorce measure. with pro- and anti-divorce policymakers confronting off on the topic of legalising divorce in the state. Gabriela women’s party list group. writers of the measure believe that the bing edict on matrimony is non equal. and that allowing divorce will help many twosomes and households tormented from unsuccessful matrimonies. Existing Torahs license for legal separation and revocation. Pair who had their matrimonies nothingnesss are liberated to acquire married once more. while twosomes who are officially separated are non permitted to. Luzviminda Ilagan. Gabriela Women’s Party List representative said: “The world of human nature is such that there are failed matrimonies. and the factors may come out after the matrimony itself. after the celebration… . it may be more harmful to the kids of these unhappy twosomes to go on to remain together. so we are suggesting an option. ”

    Detractors of the said measure. nevertheless. think that a divorce jurisprudence is unpointed. and will merely pulverize the beatitude of household life. Representative Rufus Rodriguez said: “Solving the job may open a bigger job of households being destroyed. broken. kids turning up with merely one parent. That is the worst penalty we can give to the kid. ” It would be most ideal if the two parents in the household are taking attention of their kids. Rodriguez added. Promoters of the divorce measure acknowledge they face a lifting battle. as they face steadfast opposition from the outstanding Catholic Church. By now. Church caputs are naming the populace to travel up against the divorce measure. and shelter the foundation of matrimony in the state. suequisel is based in Dumaguete. Central Visayas. Philippines. and is a Stringer for Allvoices.

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